Mike Woodson is showing us he can recruit. Now it’s time to prove he can develop. Short Thoughts on Jordan Geronimo.

Jordan Geronimo ended last season showcasing some of his superb athletic capabilities. Through the Big Ten Tournament and into the First Four game, Jordan began displaying bits of his potential. While he wasn’t getting any starting lineup love, he was given prominent minutes in our tournament run, including the Big Ten Tourney). Jordan Geronimo’s 15… Continue Reading →

Malik Reneau just made a great recruiting class SUPERB. Credit Jalen with his first career assist. Short thoughts.

I’m kind of in shock. Really when it was all playing out it made some semblance of sense, but nonetheless, I’m still in shock. What an absolutely awesome thing to happen on what is normally one of the worst Mondays back to work. This is an absolutely incredible moment for our program. When Malik Reneau… Continue Reading →

What the Stephon Gilmore deal means for the Colts both on defense and in the front office. Short Thoughts.

So another major hole in our team has been addressed. Our pass defense just gained a huge asset in Stephon Gilmore. And with this acquisition the Indianapolis Colts have bolstered each and every layer of the defense this offseason. A defense that greatly needed several issues addressed at the beginning of this offseason seems to… Continue Reading →

The way too early pre-season rankings mean nothing really, but slight evidence that the Indiana Hoosiers are righting this ship. Short thoughts.

Well there’s a little faith booster for you. While these ultimately mean nothing, it means we are on the radar. CBS writer Gary Parrish said on the Hoosiers in his 19th spot, “The Hoosiers’ ranking is based on Indiana returning the top three scorers from a team that made the NCAA Tournament – among them… Continue Reading →

“The Honorable Judge Mike Woodson” (Thoughts on the Xavier Johnson charges and how this could be handled).

So I’m sure everyone has read the news being spread around regarding Xavier Johnson’s arrest… and boy it does not sound great. If you haven’t heard the details here’s a solid, to the point explanation. I don’t feel like really retreading the details here. While Xavier was included in those previous “curfew violations” that resulted… Continue Reading →

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