GTA VI finally confirmed as having been in development for a while

Took long enough.

Well it’s about damn time this was announced!

September 17th, 2013. 2013. Let that sink in. 2013.

That is the last time we have been given a new Grand Theft Auto game. An even more alarming fact!!!! This game has served 3 generations of consoles. Xbox 360/PS3, XBOX ONE/PS4, and XBOX SERIES X/S/PS5. Absolutely bananaland that they have gotten away with this. I know that everyone sees Rockstar as some artists savant types when it comes to video game producers. But just cashing in and cashing in while not delivering an entirely new product in so long is uncalled for and quite frankly I won’t stand for it.

I imagine with Bungie being bought out by Sony that Rockstar has got to be the next large publisher to be acquired by one of the two giants, Microsoft or Sony. If a large blockbuster deal is to come down the line eventually, which I believe it will, I would have to believe that Microsoft or Sony would push to deliver more on the impressive IPs that Rockstar lays claim too. More Red Dead and More GTA. I’m all for that!

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Make it HAPPEN!


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