It’s been 7 months and we’re in a lockout so lets revisit the “GUARDIANS” name change

Been long enough, now I can express my thoughts on the name change, having allowed the appropriate amount of time for it to sink in.

It also feels appropriate to revisit the Cleveland Indians name change to the guardians on the heels of the unvieling of the Commanders, or the Commies if you will.

Washington Commanders Name Confirmed and People Hate It

The Commanders?! That is the most EA SPORTS CREATE-A-TEAM generic bullshit name I’ve heard since, well… the Guardians. And the fact of the matter is… what else is it supposed to be? The guardians is safe, the guardians is inoffensive. While I thought it was just generic nonsense at first, upon looking into the guardians of traffic and really the branding of the new name.

Cleveland Guardians merchandise sales delayed -
While many initially complained about the weak G logo shown above, I think they actually kind of work when you realize they are based on the helmets of the “Guardians of Traffic” Statues.
Cleveland, OH - The Guardians of Transportation
The largest point of redemption for me is the new script Guardians logo. The style of it makes sure it pays homage to what is a long history of the Indians franchise before. The name itself also pays homage to the inDIANS by keeping all but two letters with the guarDIANS. So honestly while the name sounds generic and dumb initially, the name works on multiple levels. There’s layers to this onion.

While I was hoping the name change would go smoothly so we Cleveland baseball fans could get back to trying to win some games. Even though I feel we just missed a very significant window with Carlos, Francisco and our pitching, and will not be jack shit until we are sold to new, more wealthy, more interesting, and more fun ownership.

Larry. Dolan. You cheap, cheap bastard.

And in case you didn’t know yes! the Indians are owned by one of THOSE DOLANS!!!

I’m Spiraling.

7 out of 10. boom there you go.

On the bright side, maybe the lock out goes long enough Dolan can’t afford but to sell. Seems like he’s one bad day from bankruptcy with how the Indi…Guardians bankroll a team.



They can’t center a sign under Dolan’s watch

Dolans, we are so done with you

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