Indiana loses to Michigan State 61-76. And let’s not panic just yet!

Game started at 60 mph. The funny thing about Big Ten games is score rarely reflects the speed and intensity of the game because Big Ten teams actually play defense.

Going into this game, the Hoosiers needed to stop from spiraling and correct their season before it gets to a point of no return. A win against Michigan State in East Lansing would go a crazy long way in doing just that.

While that final score is not what we were looking for I will say over the course of the game Indiana showed a lot of grit over the “Coarse” of that game! (Yes! Still got it!)

While I would normally argue that a defeat of this magnitude would be red button pushing time, but not here. This loss wasn’t as bad as the score would have you believe.

The Hoosiers played better than that score would have you think. I don’t trash any of the Hoosiers after that hard fight. They were fighting the whole 40 minutes. Mike Woodson is trying to create an identity here in a program that loves its historical identity. But thats just it. It’s a historical identity. We need to invest and emphasize in our present as much as our past if we want to get back to greatness and Woodson’s take no shit, Bobby Knight Light attitude is going to forge an identity here. We need to give it some time. Rome wasn’t built in a day folks.

There was an edge to this game even with a score like that that makes me think will be seeing some battles between Mike Woodson and Michigan State. He was a man on fire and it really seems like he has a disdain for Michigan State and the Spartan basketball program. Excited to see what storyline could come from an organic Michigan State-Indiana rivalry. I’m here for it.

Well, on to Wisconsin!

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