What the Stephon Gilmore deal means for the Colts both on defense and in the front office. Short Thoughts.

So another major hole in our team has been addressed. Our pass defense just gained a huge asset in Stephon Gilmore. And with this acquisition the Indianapolis Colts have bolstered each and every layer of the defense this offseason. A defense that greatly needed several issues addressed at the beginning of this offseason seems to have been given not only an upgrade, but several proven, and significant upgrades. I’m not saying the defense is unstoppable now, but the additions we’ve made this offseason are poised to make quite an impact on the success of the Indianapolis Colts this coming season.

Coming just on the tails of signing Rodney McLeod, the Colts and Stephon Gilmore have agreed on a 2 year, 23 million dollar (14 million guaranteed) contract. This has made the Indianapolis Colts secondary a truly intimidating matchup for even the most productive receiving corps out there. We let go a middling corner in Rock, while I appreciate his time working For The Shoe, I have to say who we went out and got to replace him, is quite the upgrade.

While his last two seasons were hampered by his quad injury and surgery, Stephon Gilmore has a proven track record throughout his 10 year career. He brings the intangibles to the game that the Colts will use to improve on already impressive turnover creation rates. His nose for the ball is elite level, he knows the game and having him gives Kenny Moore a veteran mentor that has been a premier athlete at the position for years. This could potentially go a long way in making the already elite Kenny Moore II even more dangerous. With proven veterans like Gilmore and McLeod coming in, these defensive acquisitions stand to aid Julian Blackmon is sharpening his game, and his raw talent. However these guys come in, I think they stand to send positive ripples throughout the defense. Adding maturity and experience to a raw and talented secondary.

Gilmore on the Ghost

With this addition, the Colts have addressed the secondary. After getting Ngakoue I feel the Colts addressed the lackluster pass rush, hopefully freeing up Deforest Buckner to make more of an impact by having less attention and effort exhorted on him by adding an outside threat. This is going to be an exciting defense to watch this season. I just hope Gilmore has got more in his tank to really become an essential fixture in this defense.

While I had little hope heading into this offseason, I truly believe some great decisions have been made here. Another factor that has presented itself is the idea that the tenure of these contracts can lead one to believe the current Colts regime is giving themselves 2 more years to win before evaluating if a team wide rebuild is necessary. I personally, do not believe blowing it up to ever be the answer, seems like every time a team is blowing it up, they were already one of the last few to blow it up before that. Stability is essential. Those quick to choose failure, get comfortable with that failure.

All of these moves have given me hope for the coming NFL season.

I feel that this coming season has the potential to be something truly spectacular. That’s just this fan boy’s opinion.

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