New Season. New Hope. It’s week one Hoosier fans! (Indiana Hoosiers vs. Illinois Fighting Illini short pregame thoughts)

So here we are. The time is upon us. Indiana Football currently hasn’t lost yet and we have got limitless possibilities ahead of us at the beginning of this, the new 2022-2023 college football campaign.

I wanted to take this time to throw out some positivity and some thoughts on what I’ll be looking for heading into tonight’s big game. Just some short thoughts. No stats. All gut.

So as far as last year goes…

At least it’s behind us! Time for a clean start, a reflection on our #LEO values and to get back to making the Big Ten think twice before sleeping on the Hoosiers. While last year was a monumental speed bump on Indiana’s road to being anything other than a footnote in the Big Ten.

This year we need to figure out a consistent identity in Bloomington. We need reliability in the backfield, and we need to start this season off right.

So tonight the Hoosiers are set to take it to Illinois and the Fighting Illini. Behind head coach Bret Bielema, the Illini are looking to do exactly what the Hoosiers are. That is, shaking off the stench of their 2021 seasons. Unfortunately, they are just as starved for this one as we are. Two teams both desperately needing to kick off this season in a positive direction, because they both tend to spiral down the road, are going to come out battling tonight.

Bout to be a scene

Who’s the QB? Are we running it back with Jack Tuttle? Best of luck and no shame to that kid. But I’m ready for the next QB. We need something else. Hopefully Missouri transfer Connor Bazelak cab put on a show for the Hoosiers, or just adequately manage a game. The QB situation has been a nightmare since the injury issues of Michael Penix and I need someone to get back there and just hold it down. Not asking for anything crazy, don’t need no look mahommes level stuff, just need reliability. Here’s hoping Connor has what it takes!

Reports coming out are that Indiana currently has a 9 man wide-receiving corp they are going to roll out tonight. If you ask this very unathletic person’s opinion, a statement like that worries me more than it comforts me. Some could hear 9 man rotation and think “wow they have that many guys that can contribute on the offensive side of the ball” not knowing that often times its just because there are no clear and contributing 3rd 4th and 5th receivers. I honestly don’t know how to feel about rolling out so many, but hey hopefully the true corp makes itself known over the course of tonight’s battle.

Our linebacker rooms looks to be something to keep an eye on this year. (No duh). It’ll be interesting to see who can adjust to Indiana’s defensive scheme quicker. A true freshman in Dasan McCullough, or the transfers Bradley Jennings Jr. and Jared Casey. Everyone is talking up our boy Dasan McCullough, rightfully so in him being the top recruits we’d ever had…. IT COULD HAVE WORKED HERE GUNNER! I’m looking for Cam Jones to sheppard him into a role making plays as soon as possible. But then again, Cam also needs to step his game up if we don’t want to repeat last seasons woes. Its his defense to set an identity for. Everyone needs to be firing on all cylinders!

Stands better be firing on all cylinders for Dasan’s welcome too!

Just some loose thoughts. As for thoughts on Illinois. They’re trash and if we lose tonight I will be forever disheartened…

So I want to end with some positivity heading into tonight. The Indiana Hoosiers are led by Tom Allen. Whatever you thought of last year, he’s still got the ears of these boys and that’s something that we can build on. Here’s hoping the Hoosiers can come out to a quick start and get this season started off on the right track. I’m behind Tom Allen fully heading into this one!

I’m saying this is a must win that the Hoosiers WILL pull out 37-13. Let’s go Hoosiers. Reports are coming in that the university is expecting about 40,000 in attendance tonight. I really hope that is the case. Let’s keep getting out there for the lads.

Again. No stats. No facts. All gut. Check in tomorrow for thoughts on our MOST LIKELY insanely impressive performance tonight.

Let’s go Hoosiers… shout out JFK



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