The Morning After: Indiana wins it at the last moment!

The Morning After will be a short collection of my thoughts on the game posted the morning after an Indiana Football win (or loss) and my next day thoughts on the game. I know nothing more than you. I just watch my favorite teams and write about them. So I won’t pretend to know more than I admittedly don’t.

Heading into this game I was optimistic. A new season is every losing fanbases favorite day. No losses. The possibilities are endless at that point in the year.

Quick thoughts on first half: Cam Jones came out the game in that first drive firing. He was getting after it while Illinois was still trying to establish an offensive game plan. But then that Shivers hit absolutely crushed my heart. That was scary how he went down. Worrying to watch how he reached out for Connor only to tense up and fall face first. Can’t believe how hard he was hung out on that play. Just so happy to see that young man get up and walk off on his own two feet. It was good to see Cam Jones keep setting the tone while jumping on and recovering the football. Throughout the first half the refs did give Indiana a helping hand or three. But, hey I’ll take them. Gotta take the breaks where you can get them. Big Ten refs may need to clean it up. Didn’t look to great in the Purdue game Thursday night either. Better be ready for the game rolling out today. That being said I appreciated the defensive holding that bailed out our 2 minute drill and allowed us to stroll into field goal range. Which our special teams handled as they were able to throughout the 1st half. Not teams left points on the table. All that being said not the worst half of football for the Hoosiers.

Special teams went out and took care of business.

Biggest weapon of the first half was Cam Camper getting open consistently on a slight post to absolutely torch the Fighting Illini. 100 yards from a receiver in the first half for an Indiana receiver. Incredible. Good to see. Had me hopeful he could keep it up going into the next half.

Cam Camper lit it up in the first.

Half-time came. I was feeling as though we ended that half in the drivers seat, quite possibly aided by the refs, but nonetheless in control of this game.

Then it happened…

45 seconds into the first half Cam Jones goes down clenching his knee, writhing in pain. He ran off the field and I was like dear God Cam, I know you wanna set an example but we don’t know what you did yet man. Takiteez… following that how would our team respond, immediately let Hightower embarrass us. When Cam was on the sideline the next play I was astounded. While looking a step slow he was still gonna let it ride for the boys.

Cam Jones is the heart and soul of the defense and that was on full display during his speech, then stepping in to take snaps(I don’t know who would have cleared him unless it was just a stinger now). Sanguinetti played recklessly but stepped up when it counted. Like during the 4 and out on the goal line to bring the 3rd quarter to an end.

To kick of the 4th out defense was bringing the heat. Making sure our boys were in the game throughout. Sanguineti (sorry if I ever misspell it) kept his play rolling into the 4th and made the big pick play that got us driving with 6 minutes left to go in the game down by 1.

Then it all fell into place. We did it. We marched down the field, after having struggled to move the ball all 2nd quarter. That’s when DJ Matthews showed up and showed out. He took over the game to help lead the Hoosiers down the field for the victory!

Big surprise for me through the game was some of the play of JH Tevis. He made some big plays when the time called for it. I’m looking for him to put together a game that can help embolden that defensive front.

JH brought some major plays last night!

So how do I feel this morning? I feel pretty damn great. A win like that against any opponent wears you out, so I slept like a baby. I’d have to image the rest of Hoosier Nation did as well. Hey we saw a lot to work on! But enjoy this day! Sit back and watch some football knowing Indiana already took care of their business for the week!

It’s football season. And there’s no better time of year. It’s been a long, long, long offseason, but we are here. And better yet, Indiana Football is 1-0 in conference. PUT IT ON THE BOARD!

Cheers to all out there who stayed up and weathered that God awful FS1 coverage. That was a mess.



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