The Mourning After: ND loses after holding their own for 3 quarters. (ND week 1 recap)


First off.. ESPN on ABC ain’t really our thing. We’re more of an NBC crowd.

I’ll tell ya… I felt really good after 3 quarters. Like. Really good. That the Irish were finally going to prove the haters wrong. That we were going to justify our independent status.

I thought our side was winning most of the game at the line of scrimmage(except for the 4th quarter). It was an absolute battle, but I feel like we were throwing our weight around with them throughout the game, often times creating the space we need just not capitalizing on it.

I thought we were getting the breaks necessary to get the win… boy, was I mistaken. Ohio State really decided to assert themselves in that 4th quarter.

But are we really suprised? I mean it seems like we are stuck in a rut until we inevitably join a conference (Big 10). I love the Catholic Gold we are swimming in. But until we adjust the caliber of opponent we face week in and week out, we will never be up to test the likes of the top teams in the nation.

I really thought the Irish would be able to contend, and I believe they showed that off. Marcus Freeman put it best when he said the Irish need to finish. Finish hits, finish blocks, finish routes, and finish the game. A small part of me was waiting for the wheels to bring to fall off at any time. Just been there enough to expect that.

This Stroud guy might be pretty good at football…

We lost to the reigning kings of the Big Ten(yes I know Michigan won it last year, but be real, it’s still OSU’s conference). And while we consistently face the Big Ten’s best. ND has tasted national success, therefore we will settle for nothing less.

This loss hurts. We wanted to prove a point tonight, and while we put on a more than respectable showing, we just didn’t have enough to get it done. I’ve still got to give our boys their credit for heading into that competitive environment and keeping it close for 3 quarters.

If we aren’t careful we’ll be begging for a spot in the Big Ten or SEC.

The unfortunate shadow cast over this season is the state of several conferences in the wake of the Big Ten and SEC seeking to dominate college football. And now our loss has just made this issue that much more apparent.

All in all… I’m distraught. Ohio State’s ability to put it on in the 4th was impressive but what was ND doing to stop it? The NCAA playoff field is expanding to 12 and sure I imagine that means ND would have to totally mess up their own schedule selection not to get in each year. But these top teams will seek to quit playing Notre Dame in order to keep all the cash in conference and in a way starve us out of the top quality competition, forcing our hand one way or the other.

Can you tell that loss sent my mind spiraling? I need to remind myself that a loss to Ohio State, a team most likely to find themselves in the CFP, in Week 1 is something any team can come back from. I need to remind myself we are still very much in contention. I know I can’t be the only one to think the worse after games like this.

ND fans. We’ve been here before. It hurts, it does. But we need to remind all of ourselves that it is so much better we caught this L week 1, rather than down the line when clear CFP opinions are being made.

Thanks for taking the time! We are just fine Irish faithful! It’s always darkest before the dawn.

On to Marshall.

Play like an absolute champ today,

-Big Red.

Thank you Burke for mocking up the images quick as he could for me! Good on ya brother.

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