Know Thy Enemy: Two Crushing Moments for Houston fans in the Colts-Texans rivalry

I think it’s important to truly know your opponent heading into any NFL matchup. So in preparation of our Week 1 clinic against the Houston Texans, I wanted to look at a pair of their less than stellar showings against our Indianapolis Colts.

And yes, of course this is biased. I’m a Colts fan Blue and Through.

So let’s dive first into an absolutely spectacularly terrible moment in Texans Football history, the Rosencopter.

The year is 2008. It is Week 1. The Texans are taking on our Boys in Blue led by Peyton. And the Texan QB is Sage Rosenfel. Rosenfel had the Houston Texans with a 27-10 lead with 8 minutes left in the game.

What happened next was a thing of absolute beauty. Over the course of the remainder of the game, Rosenfel would turn the ball over 3 times, highlighted by what I believe to be the most under appreciated NFL plays of all time. The “Rosencopter” hit led to a fumble scoop touchdown by Gary Brackett. And as far as my beauty comment earlier… I mean just peep those acrobatics.

The game ended with Peyton finding Reggie Wayne in the end zone (classic.) after an interception following the 2 fumbles from Rosenfel. Final score: Colts 31 – Texans 27.

I imagine that meltdown against what was the reigning kings of the AFC South set the Texans back quite a bit. Absolutely cripples a fan base to keep getting that close to those statement wins, only to lose them time in and time out.

And while that moment was rough, so was our second moment to mention within the history of Texans vs Colt football. I want to refer to the 2011 season. Yes, the season without Peyton. With the future of the Peyton Manning era in question, the Texans found themselves in an organization shifting position. This was quite possibly the best Texans team assembled, facing off against a crippled Indianapolis Colts helmed by none other than Dan Orlovsky.

Yes, that Dan Orlovsky.

The Texans had already waxed the Colts 34 – 7 that year. After scoring quickly, then only scoring 9 more points through the game Dan Orlovksy was given the ball with 1:56 left on the clock for the Colts. Driving the ball 78 yards Dan managed to move the ball forward rather than out the back of the end zone and hooked up with Reggie Wayne for the game winning touchdown. Final score Colts 19 Texans 16.

This win would be the Colts 2nd and final of 2011. This makes this loss sssoooo much worse for the Texans. Not only were the Colts still beating them, but now they stood in position to be gift wrapped the single most promising draft pick that the league could remember.

What coulda, shoulda, and woulda been had Grigson decided to protect his investment at all…

They weren’t just losing that game, they were losing any sense of superiority in the AFC South. They couldn’t even handle the Colts without Peyton, how were they going to contend when Indianapolis got to build around Andrew Luck? That had to be a stomach churning draft to watch for them.

It really is amazing that these two crushing moments in Texans’ football history are really microcosms of the Houston Texans franchise as a whole. Just when they think they are putting it together, the rails fall off.

Personally I love it. I usually love to spread the positivity. But in the NFL if THEY win, WE don’t. So I have no problem dragging whomever is facing up against the Colts in a given week.

This week I’m fully expecting the Colts to take the field and embarrass the Texans. What was, is, and will be again in the case of the Houston Texans. They have a stink on them. A stink that I imagine curses like the Cubs had on them during their century long title drought. It’s heartbreaking to be so close and then have it stripped away. The crazy thing is how that can effect identities and psyches of organizations. Absolutely demoralizing, almost to the point of self-fulfilling prophecy. If you convince yourself your a loser enough. You start to be the loser.

Down with the Texans this week.

A Maniac at full health has got to be a Texan’s worst nightmare.

All joking aside, we can not overlook anyone this year. If we haven’t learned that by now, then last year was worth absolutely nothing. Here’s hoping Shaq and the rest of the captains have made sure to remind the guys of that lesson.

Come back for some short pregame thought and anything else we may be sending out on the Flyover Wire. Thanks for reading.

For the Shoe!


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