Why was this not done a decade ago? Don Fischer, Hoosier legend, selected for IU Athletics Hall of Fame.

Indiana University announced the latest class of inductees into the IU Athletics Hall of Fame. Among the class sits one man, who has chatted his way into the hearts of all the obsessed Hoosiers out there. Don Fischer will be inducted this year and I honestly have to say about time. Not enough of a resume on the guy before?! I just wanted to give some shine on Don Fischer, the best guy at shining a light on the exceptional play of others.

Good to see Don Fischer get enshrined in the Indiana University Athletics Hall of Fame. Ultimately, I’m sure that Don Fischer doesn’t need this to make him sleep easy knowing he’s done an incredible job for the Hoosier Faithful. We show and tell him all the time. Few fan bases are as educated on their teams as the Hoosiers fans are. While other fanbases may be able to hear anyone speak game in and game out, that is not the case for the rabid Indiana Basketball fanbase. For the past 50 years Don has delivered us Hoosiers games in both Football and Basketball. If you have never done it before just listen to a Fischer called game, I can’t promise it won’t be a religious experience for you.

I’m trying to think of my favorite specific memory of Don Fischer, but I have to say I honestly don’t really have one. More so less than a single memory I just get hit with a flood of nostalgia. Listening when I was younger (yes some times we would have to just listen to games) I felt so invested in each play, hanging on every word out of Don’s mouth, screaming back and asking “what is happening?!” Only for him to proceed to paint a picture with his words, allowing my young and still imaginative mind to fill in the blanks and create the picture. Don’s the man, and we’ve got a lot to thank him for.

Here’s Don calling the Wat Shot. My freshman year I made it to the floor after crawling fown 43 rows of seats.

And after all this time he is just now inducted into the Indiana University Athletic Hall of Fame. My only complaint is what the heck took so long? Don Fischer was talked about in the tone of legends for as long as I can remember talking sports. At 29 years old it’s easy to understand why. He’s the only voice I and millions of other Indiana fans have come to expect calling our games.

A true legend of the industry, and a true legend of Indiana University.

The man deserves all the credit in the world for bringing the game to millions of Hoosier fans. We need to make sure he knows how much he’s been appreciated. Rather give roses to people while they’re here than when they’re gone.

DJ White was also selected into this years inductees.



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