Keys to victory in each game of the Indiana Hoosiers 2022-2023 Big Ten schedule

The Big Ten schedule was announced. So to kick off any analytical coverage for next season I wanted to take a look at each game and think about how Indiana needs to go about playing that opponent. So let’s go game by game shall we…

Big Ten Game 1: at Rutgers

In the Big Ten there are NO EASY WINS. Each game is a battle. The key to any Big Ten game is being able to get hit by a drive only to counter and hit back even harder. Setting the tone dictates who is getting mor of these blows in each matchup. Setting the tone is the key to each game this season, and no different here. Indiana’s got the talent, the coaching, and the commitment amongst its players to absolutely go out and control each game at any given moment. Just a matter of making sure we are stringing those moments together more often than not. If the Hoosiers can find some shooting, there is not a team that can hang with them playing their best ball.

Big Ten Game 2: Nebraska

*see “Big Ten Game 1” above*

Big Ten Game 3: Nebraska

*see “Big Ten Game 1” above*

Big Ten Game 4 – 20: @ WHO EVEN CARES.

*see “Big Ten Game 1” above*

Can you see any commonalities here? The key to Indiana’s Big Ten season is to PLAY THEIR OWN GAME. In all honesty there isn’t a team we can’t defend and if we can find any, and I mean ANY, shooting we have the talent and experience to be the kings of the Big Ten.

I always love to run down the list and play out the rational wins and losses we should be taking down the line. But not this year, there isn’t a game here I have scratched in for an L.

We have all the ability to dictate the Big Ten conference, but please don’t let the boys know that just yet. We need them to remain hungry for validation from the Big Ten. We need them to play game in and game out with a chip on their shoulder. That is how we hold on to the defensive intensity and build upon it a championship caliber program.

Yes I know the largest question is shooting, but with absolutely NO SHOOTING WHATSOEVAA the Hoosiers were still able to consistently compete on sheer defensive will power. I have to say after being in each game without it, the addition of any shooting is going to make us deadly, and I have to imagine we will improve shooting because it seriously COULD NOT be any worse.

We have some guys like Bates and Geronimo who I’m excited to see how they come out and surprise the Big Ten. Not much shine on those boys last year due to limited minutes, but I’m expecting a spike in their game and development and in turn the amount of respect those two will be demanding from the rest of the Big Ten.

Our team was competitive last year, but we’ve only gotten SIGNIFICANTLY better, while still maintaining the core that made us the Big Ten’s Defensive Juggernaut. Limit the anomalies that were flat second half starts and I don’t see why we shouldn’t win the Big Ten (nice trophy and all… but you know what we really want).

If our team can keep the tenacity they had last year on the defensive end, the rest will fall in place. Mike Woodson has laid the foundation for a very sustainable program to come. Here’s to our guy keeping his momentum and trending upward towards national title supremacy.

And yes of course I’m expecting to catch an L or two somewhere in that list of games, but not much. Safe to say no one is leaving the Donnybrook that is Big Ten Basketball without a few bruises.

Big Ten basketball is an all out brawl.

So really not much to talk about here, no need to really to worry about any of this just yet.

English author and probable IU fan William R. Inge once said, “Worry is interest paid on trouble before it’s due”. Couldn’t agree more. No need to worry, just need to get to Basketball season and need to get back to watching the Hoosiers hurryin’ up and down the court for us.

Thanks for reading! Check back in for more Indiana Basketball posts.



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