Down with Idaho! (Short pregame thoughts week 2)

Well. 1-0 in the Big Ten feels nice doesn’t it. Let’s just take a moment and enjoy last weeks win one last time…



Alright thank you. Now onto Idaho. Whodaho? Udaho. While last week was touted the battle amongst Big Ten basement dwellers, this matchup is a little less even on the tale of the tape.

Fact of the matter is this is the Big Ten. Even the bottom dwellers are getting reps each week with the toughest teams in the country. The Hoosiers’ and Vandals’ programs are just playing at different levels. Meaning different recruits, meaning different talent. There is no reason we don’t come out tonight and take them to the woodshed.

Yes, our run game was weak against Illinois. But I’m looking for a get right game with the Big Sky Conference natives. That being said I’m still amazed Shivers was able to play after all that hit he took and then subsequent blacking out on the field that followed.


I was terrified when I watched that. Falling without putting out your hands to catch you is some scary stuff. I don’t think everyone quite caught this, and I don’t think it was talked about nearly enough while it happened right in front of my face. Just grateful our boy is alright.

I’m looking for our recent transfer to get his groove in this one. Big Sky competition is just what the doctor ordered for the Indiana run game. I’m going to be looking for our injured, yet still more talented, line to pave some roads for the boys out there.

On that a little more, I thought the offensive line protected the pass well against Illinois, no knock on that side. Which is wild because pass protection is the hard part of offensive line. You’ve got the hard part down, just get out there, get nasty, and let’s get this running game going you big uglies.

Based on our performance against the Fighting Illini, I don’t see our passing game being an issue. Cam Camper was an absolute stud. Bazelak operated the air offense well against the Illini. I fully expect this to carry on over.

Cam Jones is the man. He sets the tone for the defense. Seems like everybody is stepping up their game to match the bar our captain is setting. I love it. Im looking for a few turnovers today and max pressure. I fully expect Cam Jones to keep pumping the energy into our team.

Lastly, and in my opinion most importantly, we need to take the momentum we have right now, and make sure we carry it into week 3. That means taking it to them. A close game with Idaho doesn’t really carry the same momentum as a close win against the Illini. Retaining our momentum into week three will take all facets of our game operating to full potential. We need to win this one decisively. Idaho has no business hanging in this one. Let’s make sure we make that the case.

I think Tom Allen and the boys absolutely have what it takes to get out with a decisive win. All in all let’s put on a clinic in route to the rout. We’ve got the talent, we’ve got the coach, we’ve got this game!

This is a weaker opponent on our schedule, and while we should never overlook an opponent, if we lose to Idaho today we are beyond lost as a program. So anything but the W is not an option right now!

Thanks for taking the time for reading and hit us up tomorrow for a short post game recap.



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