No Shaq, No Problem. (Colts Week 1 short preview)

Each week I just want to put up a short post on a few of my pre-game thoughts heading into the Colts matchup. Nothing too specific. Just what I’ll be looking for in each matchup. And as far as my resume to give you the juicy intel, well… it’s not much other than a love for this team, a love for writing in my free time, and 29 years of watching football until my eyes bleed (when My Hoosiers aren’t hooping at that very moment). So let’s get into our Week 1 matchup.

It is finally upon us. College football has been a nice appetizer, but you all know why you came to the table! The Colts are embarking on their 2022-2023 campaign. It’s been a long, long offseason, but now we are finally back. With massive additions, and a chip on our shoulder, I’m looking for BIG THINGS from our Boys in Blue tomorrow against the down bbbbaaaaadddddd Texans.

I’ve never been so excited to watch a running back in my life. Jonathon Taylor has all the eyes on him this season (finally). He was pretty unanimously the #1 fantasy pick across the board. I’m expecting big things from Jonathon Taylor this year, as I’m sure he expects big things as well. Watching him play the position is an absolute joy for anyone who can see his decision making. His ability to patiently sit behind a block, allowing and trusting his man to block the opponent while waiting for the defender to commit to one side or the other only for him to burn around the other side of our block. It’s pretty spectacular to watch. So I’m fully expecting a track meet by Taylor against a weak Texans defense.

Such a bummer to see the captain out in this game, but in this one I’ll still be looking for our guy on the sideline. He pumps energy into our team by his play on the field, but I also believe that even though he’s out he will still play a part in setting our defensive tone. He’s the captain, where he leads the Colts follow, and rightfully so. Even out on the sideline I imagine he will be looking to hold our defense accountable for lax energy and lazy play. I heard it’s possible he is out against Jacksonville. To which I say, if he is so be it. If there were two games to afford him out, these would be them. Let’s make sure he’s good to go before we have him out there competing full go.

We’ll keep her on the rails til your return.

The additions on our defense will spread the attention of the opposition for sure. Adding talent at each layer of the defense, I’m looking for the defense to come up big and put some massive pressure to Davis Mills. Look for Deforest to be freed up far more often by the addition of Ngakoue. More talent on the defensive line means less attention can be paid to Deforest. I’m looking for this game to be the beginning of a significant stat boost for Buckner.

In this game I’m looking for two players to take the next step in their development. Kwity Paye and Michael Pitmann Jr. are needing to take the next step of their development into star talent. I think both have gotten the additions necessary to do so. Kwity with additional strength on the defensive line, and Michael Pittman Jr. with the addition of Matt Ryan.

Lastly, speaking on Matt Ryan. I am so excited to watch our new captain. The man behind the wheel this season will be looking to remind everyone to put some respect on his name. In Atlanta he had nothing to help him last year, this team around him has all the tools to be something truly special. The respect to training and preparation Matt Ryan brings seems to be bleeding into the rest of the team, based on recent comments about Ryan from Pittman. I’m looking for the offense to absolutely sing against the Houston Texans.

Just last thing to remember is this is the Texans. We must handle business and get out of Houston with the win. Losing is not an option here. We need to win our matchups against the Texans and the Jags this year, no way around it. We should trounce these squads, and this week I believe we will.

Thank the Lord Almighty football is back. I love Colts’ football, and boy did I miss it. Let’s get out there tomorrow and take it to Houston. No brakes. ALL GAS!

For The Shoe


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