Well… (Marshall just whooped the Irish)

I keep it short and sweet. Here’s my knee-jerk reactions to that offensive blooper reel we put out.

Tyler Buchner couldn’t get anything goin! That pick to start off the second quarter was such a blown play. He can not be throwing that ball anywhere but on the opposite side of the wideout from that defender. Although that hurt us, what was even more painful was the blown touchdown. Braden Lenzy would have tallied a 73 yard Touchdown to wrap up the half. That throw he missed to end the half absolutely destroyed me. He has got to make those throws if he is going to be quarterback for Notre Dame, I don’t care how incompetent our greatly underperforming offensive line is doing. That throw has got to be made, no way can we not take advantage of those opportunities.

The Herd had Buchner shook the entire game.

The entire game the offense looked stagnant. We couldn’t find rhythm for the life of us. Tommy Rees needs to figure out how to get these guys gelling. The team that took the field today looked entirely aimless, almost like they learned the playbook last week. Even at the half I fully expected us to bounce back, but oh boy we sure didn’t!

Just such a mess, the whole game left a pit in my stomach, festering, driving me crazy for the rest of the game.

As the second half started, I was happy to have Isaiah Foskey looking to set a momentum adjustment in place quickly. Making some big plays to start the half and take away just a bit of the momentum Marshall carried into the half. Any momentum was immediately seized by Marshall though following their 3rd and short and subsequent 4th and short stops at midfield. If we can’t get 2 yards there we are in BIG BIG trouble.

The offensive struggles carried throughout the game, the touchdown we did get was mostly on a broken play that worked out. All in all, I am lost on our offense. They have no identity. It’s ridiculous. The fact this was the same team that went 3 Qs with Ohio State last week has me beside myself.

Our offensive lineman were absolute cupcakes today. That Marshall defensive line was ripping through our chumps so easily it seemed comical. How was this happening? My eyes couldn’t believe how slow some of our guys were off the line. Just terrible across the board. Even one of our largest plays looked like an unintentional tight end screen because of all the blown blockers just standing around before the catch was made. Is there not one amongst them that has the Quentin Nelson nasty factor that made sure he was bringing the intensity, but also setting the example for the others to bring. Someone needs to step up and make this line their own. Pathetic today, I really hope these guys can figure it out. You would think all it would take is a mirror and scale for them to believe they can kill them.

Colombi is an absolute gamer. Man’s a scrap king. He went out there in one of the most hostile environments in the nation and scrapped together a truly impressive performance. Stringing together enough plays to keep your underdog in a game against a much more highly touted program is never easy. He did that and more to beat us today. All respect to Colombi for the performance he put together. But also, I hate him and he sucks.

Marshall’s decision to kick the field goal when on the 3 was puzzling to me. When I saw that they were looking to kick there, I immediately thought, ok… so they are coming out at half not to win this game, but to not lose it. There is a difference. Playing conservatively to protect a lead will often times spell death to an inferior team that got the lead by taking chances and realizing you must try to seize each and every point you possibly can to beat the more talented opponent. While I thought this moment might come back to bite them in the ass, ultimately it didn’t matter they would have beat us either way.

The offense was just flat. No other way to put that performance by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. These games shouldn’t be close, we need to wax the Marshall’s of the world. This team today came out unprepared and completely rudderless. So disheartening to see our boys have no idea what they wanted to do as a unit.

The turnovers at the end of the game were such a blur, they happened so fast, each before I had been done processing the last. Just completely lost on offense.

Just terrible.

Im tired of grasping for anything to write about. What a mess we made of that one.

How do you even sum this up? I can’t even believe what I saw. I’m going to go crush Busch Latte’s until this makes sense.

Marshall took us to the woodshed. Props to them.

-Big Red.

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