Indiana, a new team at the half, beats Idaho 35-22. (Indiana Football short postgame thoughts)

Good Lord the Hoosiers started this one slow. What a joke on that initial goal line stand they had. We were unable to find any rhythm in our offense. I get it was wet out there. Betting on your Big Ten lineman to bully in 1 of 2 goal line plays against Idaho would usually be a safe bet. Not for Indiana in that first quarter. Red zone chances out the gate can not be blown if we want to stick in any Big Ten games down the line.

Jermaine Jackson torched the Hoosier secondary for a few big plays, which is absolutely deadly in these matchups. These Idaho Vandals impressed me out of the gate. They’ve got some transfers initially recruited by some pretty decent programs. They came to Bloomington fully intending to make up for last year.

Cam Jones just has my heart. That goal line over the top play was awesome. They still scored that drive, but I’m just like this guy is just so present and aware, he’s making plays the other guys won’t or just can’t. He’s a difference maker through and through.

Thought during the First Half our passing game was pretty aimless. Walt Bell’s offense just wasn’t clicking. None of the connections between Bazelak and Camper we were thrilled to see in the Illinois game were present throughout the half.

Idaho dominated the time of possession in the first half. Never allowing us to find our game in that time. We came out flatfooted and really almost let that 1st half get away from us if Idaho had taken advantage of a few opportunities we laid up for them.

That was the story of the game before DJ Matthews put it upon himself to get open enough that Bazelak couldn’t miss him after having lost all accuracy in that first half. 2 big plays by DJ Matthews finally seemed to light a fire under our team. Credit to DJ on stepping up and getting the engine started.

These few great connections seemed to spark Bazelak’s game. Airing it out much more confidently! That Barner touchdown was a thread the needle toss, and after a few lucky bounces (of Idaho players off one another) Barner was able to secure the lead for the Hoosiers.

Following that DJ kept the show going with another TD in the third. Glad to see the Hoosiers didn’t come out flat. His kick starting of the offense got everything going. And even aided the run game enough that Shivers was breaking long awaited runs and was able to find the end zone. This was a great game for him especially considering I’m not sure he was all there after the hit in the Illini game. Glad to see the Auburn transfer have a game tonight!

On the defensive side Aaron Casey and Dasan McCullough came out of half time like men possessed to set the tone. Dasan really had a coming out party in the second half. He seemed to be in the area of each tackle made there. The young man has a nose for the football and I’m excited to see the player he will become. From Micah to Cam to Dasan the line of succession in the Indiana Linebacker Room looks pretty solid.

Developing a tradition at linebacker

Even though we gave up a large touchdown on a series of broken tackles, I saw a lot I liked. When Connor’s feeling it that guy is as competent as anyone under center. He needs to find his touch before the game starts though. We can’t give him a half to adjust for range like a sniper taking a mile long shot. Game’s fast, we need need our QB ready and in tune pre coin toss.

Idaho’s found themselves a pretty sweet spot as an FCS school. Frequently getting to play these power five conferences, as they do, gets there name out there and any brand recognition seems to be the way to go about getting cash in the age of social media. So I imagine they are doing very well for themselves compared with most FCS programs.

All in all, great to get out of there with the win and glad to see that the Hoosiers were able to make the necessary adjustments both schematically and mentally to come out never let up in the second half. Against better competition we cannot afford to sleepwalk through a half and still have a chance to be competitive. Here’s hoping Tom can address that slow start.

We can nitpick what needs done all day. But let’s do that later, let’s just enjoy the fact Indiana is sitting at 2-0 atop the Big Ten right now.

Also grateful for doing what Notre Dame couldn’t and handle the opponents they should. That being said, Colombi is a true gamer and scrapped Marshall into some very fortunate positions.

Really appreciate BTN’s G team. A, B, C, D, E, and F all must have been busy.

We can not come out flat and complacent against Western Kentucky next weekend. That being said…

Here’s to whooping Western Kentucky at noon next game. These 8:30 kickoffs are west coast nonsense. Go Hoosiers! 2 and 0 feels pretty great.



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