Farewell Rodrigo. (A Colts fanboy’s short thoughts on the canning)

It pains me to see that the Indianapolis Colts had to cut Rodrigo Blankenship yesterday. After a promising start to Rodrigo’s NFL career, I had really hoped that we had found our permanent fixture at kicker. Following the 2021 hip injury he just wasn’t able to step up when it mattered for us in this last one.

Rodrigo Blankenship’s 2 out of bounds kicks, yes 2 for those who didn’t watch, set the course for tragedy heading into our game winning overtime field goal attempt. While I would like to say otherwise, I felt no confidence that he was going to make that. Whatever led to that melt down, I feel for the young man, but unfortunately the Colts can not afford anything but confidence in their kicker right now.

I wish Rodrigo all the best in find a new and happy home in the NFL.

Chris Ballard is feeling more pressure than ever and the Colts are definitely in their window of opportunity to win one before an entire rebuild. While the find a QB method hasn’t worked yet, it’s the one they chose and they are all banking on Matt being the guy (I doubt Ballard gets another shot at the QB position).

It’s put up or shut up for the entire Colts organization this season. Ballard needs to start producing and we need to win now.

While it was one kick. It was one VERY important kick. That was a divisional rival. That kick could very well be the difference the Colts making the playoffs or not. While that may seem dramatic, how often are we scrapping, and clawing with the difference of a game meaning everything at the end of the regular season? Far too often if you ask me.

Kicker is such a pressure cooker position, and while I feel for a young man losing his job. This is the gig. He got paid well enough to last my lifetime, so he will land on his feet. Even better I think he gets more opportunities in the NFL. It seems like for all but 6 teams, it’s a kicker shuffle. I do wish him the best, but the Colts just can’t have someone who does anything but drain that OT kick.

It is such a mess out there trying to find a reliable leg for your locker room, but it is a mess we must dive head first into. So that is why we’ve signed both Chase McLaughlin and Lucas Havrisik to fight for the position this week before Jacksonville. Here’s hoping a kicking makes himself the abundantly clear kicker.

Here’s hoping Chase McLaughlin (or Lucas Havrisik) is the guy.

Two days removed from the tie, I can now see the very obvious fact that this is Week 1 and we have ALL the football left to play. So nothing for my irrational head to be worried about yet, but we can not allow for winnable games to continue slipping away.

For this reason, I know we must separate. I wish Rodrigo a long and happy career somewhere else, we just don’t have the time for him to figure it out here.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I’m just a fan, like I’m assuming you are too. Just looking to voice his opinion and take up a hobby. God Bless.

For the shoe,


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