Indiana Football continues tradition of frustratingly exhilarating football. We are 3-0 Hoosier fans!

Every time. Every dang time… I always get my hopes up and think I’m going to see anything other than what I’ve witnessed all my life, why should now be any different. It can never just be easy. It must always be a rollercoaster ride, that somehow this year has kept concluding with a happy ending. It’s a fun time to be a Hoosier fan. Fun, but excruciating.

Surprise, surprise we started this one slow and looked to play ourselves back into it.

While slow, Dasan McCullough got the defense going with that huge
midfield 3rd down sack. I was excited to see that his growth may be picking up right where it left off last game. everything was clicking defensively until that joke of an inside post by their tight end to get in to end the first quarter.

While I was given confidence following our stand on the 1 forcing them to punt on their own 1 yard line. Unfortunately that was dashed quickly when Daewood Davis just strolled upfield through the middle for the Hilltoppers
second touchdown.

There is no doubt, Connor Bazelak gives our offense a threat that
has been absent in Bloomington for a while now. When he is on, and he’s connecting with Matthews and Camper, our often even looks, dare I say, dangerous.

While our offense came out far more respectable than they had
against Idaho, I just don’t get Connor Bazelak’s throws sometimes. He again was
consistently missing receivers a few times roughly 4 foot over their heads. You can’t tell me this is him trying to throw it away, because he knows there are usually safeties there sitting right where he’s overthrowing these balls.

But again, while his numbers looked alright, he just came out unable to hone in on his range prior to taking the field. His depth perception seems to be off in the first half of each of these games he’s starting.

That first half was the Austin Reed show. That kid is a true talent.
He was delivering dimes right into the bread basket of his receivers. Western Kentucky quarterbacks consistently shine and it’s truly incredible and they deserve props for their ability today find their guy. Who the heck is the talent evaluator at Western Kentucky? That guy finds studs at QB out there in the wilderness. Honestly whoever it is needs to be in the Big Ten or the SEC. Western Kentucky
gets some studs at QB that nobody else has on their radar. Find who that is and hire him Allen. It’s finding those guys that would be key to turning conference basement programs (which we’ve been historically) into conference leaders.

After ending the first half with decent offensive stats (220 Pass
yards, 31 rushing), I was convinced that those numbers are not representative of what I’ve seen. We were down and weren’t looking dialed in.

That was all the story prior to the half. (How many times must I say

Going into that 2nd half, IU still looked lost. Austin Reed looked
like he had full intention to dictate the remainder of the game. He carried their momentum into that one for sure.

That was until the 4th quarter hit, then per usual, we realize there
was a football game to win. Henderson got the game close to begin the 4th. With a nice run shaking off tackles, he brought us to 19-24 Hilltoppers. And then of
course Connor Bazelak to Cam Camper brought it back to 30-30 to end regulation.

Henderson made some big plays for the Hoosiers

After Campbell laid it all out on the table and nailed the kick. The
Hoosiers once again came back to win from insurmountable odds. The competition is different, but the result the same. Campbell is an instant legend in my
Hoosier heart. Ice in his veins, that guy. Got a job on the Colts for him once he’s done in Bloomington.

The Scottish import nailed every kick asked of him.

The end of that game was a blur of “how do we get back in this”. How
do we consistently win at the very last second? Long story short. Indiana began to understand themselves.

How do we get the Hoosiers to consistently come out ready to go? I just don’t know, the Hoosiers seem to be the greatest fourth quarter team of all-time, just have to figure out the other three. I am just hoping the current success is sustainable, but I have a feeling that changes to our opening demeanor will be necessary if we look to remain competitive in the Big Ten.

What can be said about that ending… again? Its totally thrilling but absolutely brutal to be a Hoosiers fan this year. I will say, life as an Indiana Football fan is one of infuriating exhilaration.

I love this team that is killing me each and every Saturday. I can’t
believe we won that one. Indiana’s ability to come out and respond to this one was huge. It’s insane, Indiana sits undefeated. Setting the standard for football in our great state (Shade Purdue and Notre Dame) is no easy cross to bear, but someone must do it. Heavy is the head ya’ll.

On an unsurprising note, Cam Jones continued to dominate defensively. He is a true leader at linebacker. Tallying 13 total tackles on the defensive side, he continues to be the tone setter on the defense. Love what he is bringing to the team, and love that Dasan has a veteran example to follow in his position room. Keep up the good work Cam, you are becoming a Hoosier legend.

I’m going to keep using this one til we lose.

Have a great week Hoosier nation! Here’s hoping the Hoosiers can
nail the start the 4th time around. I have a feeling giving Cincinnati two halves would spell doom for the Hoosiers. But I would have said
that against Western Kentucky as well. Come on back this week for who to watch out for on Cincinnati and what to expect from the Hoosiers Saturday.

Thanks for taking the time to read the frantic thoughts of a Indiana Hoosier fanboy.

Connor find the range man and you are golden!



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