Indy fans have been nice for long enough, we need results. (short thoughts on Jags’ public decimation of the Colts)


Now two days removed how are we feeling Colts fans?

Are we still okay with Frank Reich’s post-game press conferences? Are Colts fans reassured that any of our team’s idle nature will be address following another one of Frank Reich’s “it starts with me” explanations. How long must we subject ourselves to starting each season like this until we start to actually listen to him and can say, he has let us down? Frank Reich has an inability to bring the Colts out to perform above expectations even once it seems. I’ve towed the party line long enough… Frank Reich has got to go if the Colts come out again that flat in Week 3.

Time to win or send him off.

I’m sick of hearing about it. Frank you’ve never won in Jacksonville. IN JACKSONVILLE!!!! I am hopelessly optimistic when it comes to the Indianapolis Colts’ and their leadership, but even I have a breaking point. We can no longer be subjected to this. We have talent and Frank’s had plenty of opportunities.

Following the game Frank Reich said he needs to evaluate everything… I’d say he was spot on there. But what the heck have you been doing the entire offseason if not getting ready to come out and perform. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me each and every year coming out flatter than a day old diet coke each season, shame on me.

We were just shut out people! It’s a hot seat that Frank Reich finds himself in, but I have to say it’s a testament to the friendly people that make up Indianapolis’ fanbase that it took this long for the chair to warm up. We’ve dealt with this year after year, giving Frank Reich more than enough opportunities to learn from his mistakes and make the appropriate changes to address any shortcomings in his team.

Jonathon Taylor, our MVP caliber running back was given the ball 9 times to run. Our top 2 receivers were out. This was quite possibly the only scenario I would have appreciated a wildcat offense. Our receivers weren’t getting open, and the ones that were, decided to dunk their hands in a vat of Vaseline prior to kickoff and couldn’t catch AANNNYYTTHIINNGG that Matt was throwing there way. It was embarrassing through the air, and with 9 carries for Jonathon Taylor, an absolute injustice on the ground.

While I said the receivers were dropping everything, a single grain of credit to Matt Ryan. Even though they weren’t often caught in this one, Matt delivered some top tier NFL passes in this one. It was nice to see a flash of what I had hoped would become the standard. Here’s hoping it still will.

We need a dose of Shaq to get any life back into this team. the losses of Pitmann and Pierce hurt, but still don’t explain what we had to witness Sunday.

This game was a glass shattering event for me. The veil has been lifted from my eyes and I can see the Matrix. The Indianapolis fanbase has been far too forgiving. I get that continuity is key to franchise stability, but if we are looking to stay stable at just being excited to make the playoffs what is the point? We are here to win Super Bowls. Doesn’t happen overnight, but how long until we’ve decided enough is enough? I can not watch Jacksonville beat the Colts again. Sunday was maybe my single most miserable football watching experience I’ve ever had. Just terrible first kick to final whistle.

Worse part of all of this, I don’t think Trevor Lawrence will be a bust. I think the Jaguars will eventually be a problem to deal with if Trevor can put together more of his game this season. While they are on the come up, we are in our window to act now. The Colts can not be letting Jacksonville have games even before they have the team to take them!

I am hoping Indianapolis is rocking when Patrick Mahommes and the Chiefs visit Sunday. But those fans in attendance will have to have more optimism than I currently find in myself. I’m sure in 5 days time I will have totally shook off this feeling and in a move of pure fanboy frenzy entirely convince myself we are going to step on the necks of the Chiefs from the first kick.

While this took it out of me, I’ll be back at it giving my two cents on our upcoming matchup welcoming the Kansas City Chiefs in Indianapolis (it would be so Frank to win this and buy another half-decade in Indy) throughout the week. So check back in here at

Thanks for taking the time to read these, just the thoughts of a fan writing about the team he loves.

For the Shoe!


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