Seats are hot heading into tomorrow. I’ve still got faith! (Colts-Chiefs short pregame thoughts)

Heading into the Indianapolis home opener, the Colts look entirely lost. A team with no direction is what we saw last Sunday in Jacksonville. All the hope we had heading into this season was greatly dashed by that absolute embarrassment at the hands of the Jaguars. The team looked utterly lost. Yes, we’ve started seasons slow, but that game in Jacksonville was bbbaaaadddd.

While this team looks lost, I want to provide fans with a little hope and emphasize just how much time there is left in this season. We are two games in, and we didn’t even lose both of them. I’m as down on Frank Reich as the next guy, but this is the team we are putting out this year so come kick off Sunday I’ll be all in and most likely irresponsibly and ignorantly have full confidence in the Colts ability to take down the Chiefs.

Yes, Frank has been a disaster. But, he’s the disaster we’re riding with. I just hope to God he can figure this thing out quick and get this team on course and playing to their potential. Many are calling for his head, and even this Colts’ fan has hit his limit. If we have any more lifeless showings, I don’t know how Frank Reich sees this season through to the end. While Ballard says he is with Frank Reich until the end, Irsay may be growing impatient and unhappy with his investment. And of course, Ballard is cuffed to Frank Reich… he’s done backflips to get him his QB, whoever he thinks it is that offseason, and has made it clear that he thought Frank’s the guy for the coaching position he just needs a QB. He’s made his fate intertwined with his coaches. All in all, there is a lot on the line for Frank Reich and Chris Ballard come Sunday.

Both have to be feeling so much heat from Irsay.

So what can we expect from the Colts with Frank Reich coaching for his livelihood? Here are some of my very unprofessional and very biased thoughts.

First off, the limp offense. In order to respond to this don’t reinvent the wheel. RUN THE DAMN BALL. It’s been over said by so many, but still rings true. Last week, Jonathon Taylor was held to a 54 rushing yards on an unjust 9 carries. 9 Carries makes me furious. We have the pretty much unanimous 1st fantasy pick at running back. You gave him 9 carries where he averaged 6 yards a carry. When you usually stop running the ball you would see just a miniscule shred of yardage on those carries. Taylor is still getting the yards in each of those carries last week. Why leave the run? I get when you go down you need to pass to conserve clock. But deserting the run by the half is just inexcusable.

Look for Jonathon Taylor, on the back of our pissed offensive line (Quenton got heated this week), to have a day. The Kansas City Chiefs defense has been middling, allowing 178 rushing yards so far this season. It’s a big if, but if our offensive line can come out with any energy compared to last week, I’m expecting JT28 to munch some yardage. Our run game needs to be the lighthouse in the fog for this team. If nothing else works, this must.

If the run is established and is an apparent threat (more than 9 carries) that makes Matt Ryan’s job so much easier. Matt Ryan has been abysmal in Indianapolis so far, but I really think that he is due to turn it around here. Unfortunately, if you know what you are watching on Sundays then you know that his receivers were getting zero distance from their receivers. Whether its speed or route running, our receivers were just not getting open. Matt Ryan was making some top quality tosses against the Jaguars. Our receivers were just dropping balls left and right.

Here’s hoping Matt can revitalize his career, and Alec can begin his.

I’m not expecting him to light the world on fire, but I’m expecting a far better showing. Alec Pierce was in full pads Wednesday and Thursday. I would expect him to playing in this one. While we haven’t seen much of our newest pick. We need him out there getting the snaps, playing through his rookie jitters. He will be a facet of our offense, I have faith. I’m hoping his presence and skills can result in any openings. With Michael Pittman limited all week, Pierce will be leaned on and asked to do a lot for a rookie coming off of concussion protocol. I’ll be rooting for him!

Defensively… I mean we play the Chiefs. Of course this will be a long day if all doesn’t go to our plan. Patrick Mahomes. Travis Kelce. Not much more needed for a team to give you nightmares defensively. Unfortunately, Shaquille Leonard will be unable to go in this one. Another full week of practice under his belt has Colts fans chomping at the bit. Many Colts fans expect the defense to get an injection of energy upon his return. Shaquille Leonard is our defensive tempo setter, he would be on any team. He sets the tone, brings the fun, and just is the most vital part of our chemistry. His absence in this one will be largely felt. But pressure makes diamonds, seems like the perfect time for one of our younger guys to take a leap forward towards dominance.

Kwity will need to make a step towards dominant if we want to compete.

Kwity Paye has come out this season and shown he is adding to his game. I believe he has the tools to be a dominant pass rusher in the NFL. If we are going to win against the Chiefs, it will take a full effort. But on top of that, it will take Kwity having a NFL head turning performance. We will need all the pressure we can get. Here’s hoping he can dominate the edge and cause some ruckus in the backfield.

Our home opener is going to be a real test (what game hasn’t been). Indianapolis will have to be dialed in come Sunday. If we come out anything like we did last week we are dead in the water. For all those in attendance tomorrow, have a great home opener! Cheer your faces off! Thank you all for taking the time to read these short pregame thoughts of mine.

Down with the Chiefs!

For The Shoe!


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