Sleep well Irish fans, Audric Estime had a monster game. (Notre Dame-UNC post game thoughts)

What a day! What a day!

Final score Notre Dame 45, North Carolina 32. Great day to be an Irish fan. Thank God Notre Dame showed up in this much needed come-to-Jesus game. After exorcizing all the demons last week against California, it was great to see Marcus Freeman get his first away victory as head coach for Notre Dame. What was even better to see? An offense.

Ya love to see it! Ya just love to see the Fighting Irish finally get it going in this one. Notre Dame finally came out today and looked like they had really committed to execution. While it was pretty basic, we finally began to see Drew Pyne give the Irish a presence through the air. Just what all of us Notre Dame fans were waiting for. While he’s not out of the doghouse, Notre Dame’s trouncing of the Tar Heels will go a long way in helping Tommy Rees stick around (as long as he keeps the Irish trending towards success).

Notre Dame was marching down the field. The Irish trenches were dominating the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, the run game was munching on yards and giving Drew Pyne the opportunity and openings to air it out.

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289 yards 3 touchdowns. Drew Pyne played as reliably as I think any program could ask their backup to perform. The porous North Carolina defense did give him a plethora of opportunity, but great to see him step up to the occasion and deliver the passes necessary to get our receivers some action.

I have to say props to Tommy Rees in this one. If we dish crap in the bad times, we better dish roses in the good. The offense looked finely tuned. The talent on this Notre Dame team calls for a more uniform offense and that’s what we got today. Pyne was able to exploit UNC’s coverage bunching receivers sending them to the third level of the field and sending Mayer underneath. This tactic absolutely gouged UNC as Michael Mayer was able to haul in 7 for 88. After seeing today’s offense, it really makes the carefree slopfest that was that Marshall game that much more perplexing. Why complicate it. Run, run, run the ball. Get Mayer open. Seems easy enough to me right? Glad to see Tommy figure it out against the Tar Heels.

287 yards on the ground on 51 carries. The Notre Dame offensive line was taking names. Dominating the Tar Heels outmatched defensive front. Audric Estime had himself a game today. 17 carries for 134 yards and 2 TDs. While Tyree also had 80 and a touchdown, Estime was a man on fire today! Unreal game from the sophmore. After you see a performance like that you can’t help but be hopeful for what this team could be by the end of the season heading into next year.

Logan Diggs had a nice day for the Irish! While he plays a part in our three pronged rushing attack, he had some big time catches for us today. Cutting the defense apart Diggs was able to amass quite the hybrid workload with 50 yards rushing and 65 yards receiving.

Defensively, the Irish just have been unable to finish. The 4th down conversions are heartbreaking considering how aggressively the offensive line was performing. Notre Dame can not give their opposition these chances to salvage morale. I’m sure the defense is well aware of all of this.

I’m going to be keeping this one rrrreeeeaaallll short tonight. I am just so relieved to be writing this in the mood I currently am. Saturday nights after a win… there is no better time. Beer tastes better, air feels fresher, life is just better. That’s not sad right? Have a great night Irish fans!

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Play like an absolute champ,

Big Red

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