Indianapolis Colts get the first win to stun the Chiefs with at home. (Post game quick thoughts)



What a win to get things right! After the most frustrating start to possibly any season I can remember, Frank Reich showed up and delivered a solid product. Matt Ryan stepped up, and Alec Pierce showed out when needed for the Shoe! What a day to be a Colts fan.

We played an entirely symmetrical game with the Kansas City Chiefs. Each statistic across the board was even carrying into the forth. The Colts defense came out today and ensured that Indianapolis would have an opportunity to win by holding Patrick Mahomes and the deadly Chief offense to an uncharacteristic 17 pts. Ngakoue absolutely stepped up today, as Buckner was double teamed. He was able to pressure Mahomes into very atypical play for the superstar.

Ngakoue stepped up as Buckner was targeted by protection.

The Indianapolis Colts offensive line looked absolutely horrible through the first 3 quarters in that one. Resulting in fumbles galore for Matt Ryan. Into the forth the protection was getting a bit better allowing Matt Ryan to finally start finding his touch.

Going for 4th down and failing twice. 0-5 for the season. Maybe you’d think we’d learn… Unfortunately I’m beginning to think Frank Reich just will not learn. When we went for the 4th and 1 with 6:40 left… I was sure that history was doomed to repeat itself. This time it luckily, thankfully, paid off as Matt Ryan stumbled forward for the first down. Breathing life into this bitter but hopeful Colts fan.

Once the Colts let that sack decimate all of my hopes. Thankfully Jones ran his mouth and handed the Colts the opportunity to retain possession and continue to drive the ball down the field hoping for some 4th quarter heroics to come forward from anyone.

That is when Matt Ryan hit Alec Pierce on that huge out route. Alec Pierce making his third huge play for the Shoe. That young man really stepped up today, with his first legitimate outing for the Colts. The following touchdown reception by Jelani Woods, being his second one, showed that this Colts offense may have finally loosened up the wheels.

Matt Ryan began to find his receivers today. Alec Pierce stepped up.

After riding high it was EJ Speed who gave the Chiefs a chance to get back into this one. His unsportsmanlike conduct absolutely gutted me… The Chiefs looked posed to absolutely do Chiefs things and win this one by getting into OT. That was until the interception…

What a pick. Just a scrappy play from first year Colt Rodney McLeod. This was the final nail in the coffin for the Chiefs. The Colts were able to pull off what most of the nation thought improbable, and beat the Chiefs after their less than promising start to the season.

What a game to exorcize our demons. Matt Ryan looked like the Matt Ryan of old on that final drive. Managing the time perfectly. Giving Patrick Mahomes absolutely no clock to work with at the end of the game. It seemed to be a case of last to have the ball will win. So thankful to see that Matt Ryan was able to manage this one perfectly while also delivering top tier strikes to the likes of Michael Pittman Jr., Alec Pierce, and Jelani Woods. Looked like Matt Ryan of old towards the end of that one.

The Kansas City Chiefs really gave the Colts the opportunity to win this one through just terrible kicking. The missed kicks absolutely ensured that Indy was never out of this game. Look for the Chiefs kicker to be in the hot seat after this performance. Kickers seem to shuffle weekly now.

Keeping this one rrrreeeeaaaalll short and sweet tonight. I just want to end this short post with just an expression of my optimism for what is to come from this team. The offensive line are making very stupid mistakes. Luckily those mistakes are easy to fix. Once these minor inconsistencies in execution can be addressed this team will be able to be as dominant as all of the Colts faithful had hoped they would have been by now. We just beat the Chiefs people. Enjoy this one. We got right today, if even just a bit. While there is plenty to work on, enjoy your Sunday Colts fans. We JUST BEAT THE CHIEFS!!!

For the Shoe!


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