Indiana loses to Michigan in classic fashion, but here’s to change. IU Football Post game Recap (a few days late)

Full disclosure, I was in wedding festivities last weekend and just got to watching this game on Monday night. So for the delay but here are some of my thoughts from this one.

Classic Indiana. Classic Indiana Football all-around in this one. Not only that, the true Hoosier faithful know, this is classic Indiana-Michigan football. We will always give them competition. They will always pull away right at the end.

Would have been awesome had there been anytime to cook.

Our offensive line was absolutely terrible!!! TERRIBLE!!! Bazelak had less than zero time to operate in the pocket. I mean if we don’t have time to run an offense nothing can happen. It is just so frustrating seeing the recruiting rankings each year and then seeing the product just never meet the expectations. These guys weren’t all popcorn lineman in high school. There’s no reason that our offensive line is consistently a Big Ten bottom dweller.

Coach Hiller has been fired!!!! Coach Hiller has been fired!!! Listen I get that at Indiana University we LEO as much as the next program, but the guy had to go. Our offensive line has been abysmal under coach Hiller, and this year has been the most apparent. This offensive line comes with size, but no coordination. There has been no reason that the protection has not been playing up to the caliber of talent we’ve been getting to the offensive line positions. Not only that, at Indiana we play in the Big Ten. That means we not only need the recruits we are getting to play up to expectations, but must greatly exceed those expectations in order to contend with the likes of Ohio State. Hiller wasn’t the guy to bring that out of our offensive line, for this Tom Allen had to move on. I just give Tom props for finally pulling the plug on his long-time coaching friend.

I mean not too much to say regarding that one. Just a shout out to the effort of the team to compete despite having both DJ Matthews and Cam Jones out in this one. The boys fought tough and came to compete. With no time to run a play, the Hoosiers were toast, but the other guys stepped up to make plays when they could.

Cam Camper is an unreal talent. While he only hauled in 2 receptions for 39 yards. His big play ability is absolutely unreal and Hoosier fans should take pride in having this guy. The main problem limiting his ability to make an impact against the Wolverines was the time given to Bazelak. Cam Camper was our big play threat in that one, running the big play routes. These routes often times take longer to develop. Meaning Bazelak being limited to no time whatsoever, gave Cam no time whatsoever to run his routes. If our offensive line can begin operating like they’ve met before kickoff then I’m still expecting him to have a few huge games the rest of the season.

Lastly, I don’t know what Walt Bell needs to do to get this offense on track for a full four quarters. Of course he has to gameplan with the current state of his offensive line in mind, but the offense just looks lost. I don’t know what it is, but I’m not paid to. Figure it out Walt.

Sorry for keeping this one really short, just not much to say if you’ve watched Indiana vs Michigan at any point in the last decade or so.


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