Michael Mayer Monster in Vegas as Fighting Irish continue to trend in the right direction. (BYU-ND post short thoughts)

Hey ND fans looks like we may have a football team on our hands. You love to see us go out and get the win against the BYU team and all zero of their fans in attendance. Notre Dame absolutely turned this into the most predominantly Irish crowd for a Shamrock Series game. The whites were popping under the bright lights of Vegas.

How far this team has come, and how much they have given me to look forward to following the state they appeared to be in following that Marshall loss. We just beat a ranked opponent. Yes, while being favored, but still.

Michael Mayer has been an absolute stud muffin 11 rec. 118 yards. 2 TDs. While also passing Tyler Eifert as ND’s leading Tight End in receptions. He is an ultimate gamebreaker. Give him the rock and watch the kid work. Drew Pyne was able to rely on Mayer entirely. The defense knows the gameplan, they still can not stop it. Michael Mayer is arguably, in my humble opinion, the most indefensible option in college football right now. The Tight End position has never been more versatile or in demand, and Notre Dame may have the greatest one out there. His stats are unreal and it shows no signs of slowing down as this offense seems to gain steam each week. Give your playmakers the opportunity to make plays and it’s amazing what can happen.

Drew Pyne is being extremely reliably for the Fighting Irish. I say reliable, because I think that its safe to say that is what we can at least expect from Notre Dame’s backup turned starter. He has been everything we needed him to be. What more can you ask of the guy? He’s leading this team well and personally this Irish fan is blown away by his competency. He targeted Mayer for more than half of his pass attempts, and why shouldn’t he? When you have a BEHEMOTH, you use the BEHEMOTH.

The offensive line! The offensive line! Our boys up front were an absolute hivemind against the Cougars. Drew Pyne had all day to deliver his check downs and outs to Michael Mayer. ALL DAY. I have to believe with the manner that the Irish front line was operating at, that even my overweight and out of shape butt could have sat back and delivered a few.

Running backs… they did Irish running back things. Running, juking, hurdling, our boys were doing it all. The ground game was methodical. Just a show by our ever reliable trio of running backs.

After the 0-3 start to the season, this win was just what the Irish needed to really convince fans that there is so much more to look forward to. I was in the dirt as low as any of the Irish faithful following the start. But this team as of late has breathed new life into my beat down and battered fandom. No time like the present to continue a campaign towards a national championship.

I mean while the offense has been figuring it out and amassing chemistry week by week, I think Notre Dame fans should be feeling really great about where we currently sit. We took our bruises out of the gate and have taken to identifying the issues that were made ever apparent in those losses. As I fan of any sport or team, I think its always important to keep your programs trend in the front of your mind when looking at your team’s body of work. Each game, Notre Dame seems to be trending more and more to a complete team. And while some could argue that Marcus Freeman immediately trended to the floor out of the gate, what’s to say Brian Kelly didn’t see this production drought that started our season coming. He got out of town so quickly, that maybe he saw writing on the wall. If that is the case I give Marcus Freeman even more kudos for the recent play of the Notre Dame fighting Irish.

We are trending upward Irish fans. Each week our boys look more and more formidable. Marcus Freeman may have started this season out as flat as ND fans have ever witnessed, but he is making up for it and addressing problems as they are becoming apparent. What more could we ask? Of course this is Notre Dame football, so Championship caliber team or bust is our motto, but let’s keep giving this regime time to build something. Here’s to the Irish.

way to start figuring it out.

Play like an absolute champ

Down with Stanford!

-Big Red

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