Mike Woodson is blending Indiana’s old school traditions with new school marketing, and that’s “the sh*t”.

It’s almost here, it’s almost here. 1 month out folks. 1 month from a new campaign for the Indiana Hoosiers Basketball. What team are we going to be this year? Only time will tell. Hoosier Hysteria seems to have been a great success amongst recruits interviewed at the event. Everything is coming up Hoosiers.

This is the time to be excited. As each fanbase assembles at the starting gates ready to dive headfirst into this season, Indiana University seems to be better armed and more talented than they have been in years. Rightfully so, Mike Woodson has only done great things for the program since he took over. Indiana was always a recruiting threat. Archie was just unable to utilize it to its full extent. Mike Woodson understands that “Indiana basketball – excuse my language –  is the shit”. He knows that that mentality is just what you need to sell to the top recruits in the nation now.

He has started his recruiting terror with an Indiana makeover. No not cosmetically, but he has done an utter tear down rebuild on the swagger of Indiana. Indiana’s classic, we love our tradition, we love what has made us a household name in American sports, because well those things are “the shit”. Mike is just packaging our traditions and history in the coolest, most swagger filled marketing Indiana could be putting out. I mean look no further than the photoshoots of the recruits, other schools do it, but not like the Hoosiers have been. Straight fire out of the Indiana Public Relations department.

Come swag with us.

Fans from other schools hate us cuz they ain’t us. They say we are so focused with our past success, and will never be able to get out of our own shadow because we are too focused on it. To those haters I say this, you would be obsessed with any time too if it were half as illustrious as ours so shut up. They hate us because those times were tough for all of them, same reason I hate Ohio State football. As for addressing how to get out of the shadow of our own history. Mike Woodson is looking to take what he already knows to be the best, Indiana’s old school tradition and the fandom of the program, and bringing them into the NIL era, selling a uniquely Indiana experience, one that plays into that history.

Not only does this work for recruits, it works for the more “set in their ways” amongst us (sure I’ll put it that way). The days of boys growing up on the farm, dreaming of playing for the Hoosiers playing 4 years and graduating happily with tuition paid and a degree in hand are gone. They’re over… While many don’t understand that recruiting in this the year of our lord 2022 looks drastically different than it had at the time of the Indiana Empire. NCAA basketball is now almost entirely a business for the power 5 conferences. Numbers talk far more than pride and tradition these days. I believe Mike Woodson’s understanding of the Indiana program and his understanding of the NBA and professional sports have given him the tools to marry the most intriguing aspects of tradition as well as financial potential.

I MEAN BRINGING OUT G HERBO! Listen I don’t give a crap who that guy is, have to admit couldn’t name you a single song, I’m 29 and have 2 kids, I can tell you the hottest Cocomelon track to hit but that’s about it. The kids were beyond excited to see him and I’m sure it was a major get for recruiting. This is just an even larger sign that Mike Woodson is hip to the kids even more than I am. He is just the man for the job in selling the spirit and traditions that make Indiana Basketball the absolute best.

never lose touch with tradition

All in all, this could seem a bit all over the place. This whole story was all to say. There isn’t a single person I would personally rather have as head coach in Bloomington right now. I’m more excited in this program than I have been in years and it is mostly thanks to him. He not only wants to succeed as a coach, he wants to succeed as a Hoosier. Mike Woodson loves this program just as much as the most rabid Hoosier fan around. Everything he does  he does with the intention of bettering a program his hero built. Indiana Basketball – excuse my language – is the shit. It’s just good to know you have a coach that recognizes that as well.

Here’s to one more day down before IU tips off the new campaign!



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