A Quote for Xavier (Pre-season inspirational quote pt. 1)

I’m an absolute sucker for the inspirational. Movies, moments, quotes, songs, whatever it is, I think inspiration is always important to the mentality of anyone taking on an endeavor. Having to manage lofty expectations for the first time in a while is going to be an endeavor for these Indiana Hoosiers. So for just a different post from time to time before the season starts, I want to offer each player a little quote of inspiration that I believe could speak towards their journey, expectations, and possibilities for this season. Listen, I get none of them are going to see this, just indulge me. So, I wanted to start this series of posts with Xavier Johnson.

To Xavier Johnson I offer the words of New Zealand Mountaineer and Philanthropist Edmund Hillary, who said, “People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” I believe that Xavier could totally embody this quote by season’s end. Xavier Johnson has all the tools to be one of the more dominant point guards in all of college basketball. He just needs to internalize his game a bit.

The online trolls would have you believe Xavier Johnson is quite a divisive figure. Those of us actually watching the games know that Xavier Johnson may be on the Mount Rushmore of Indiana’s all-heart players. The more quick-triggered have not let his reckless speeding incident (which was absolutely asinine) go. He is a young man with a lot to learn, I’m an older man (29) and still barely have an idea of what’s what. He can make the decisions necessary to make the absolute most of this season. By choosing to cut out distractions. I believe the young man can streamline his priorities and be an absolute leader for one of the deadliest programs in the nation.

It all starts with living in each moment, each possession. “They decide to accomplish extraordinary things”. Take it one step at a time X. So often does Xavier Johnson feel the pressure to put the game on his back (and often times last year that was the case), in these instances he can often times force options that aren’t there. He often tries to beat the defense over the head with effort, I appreciate it but if he can isolate moments in the game and within his game and take it a step at a time his talent can be an absolutely nuclear weapon for the Hoosiers. A more focused weapon, capable of running the offense while also being able to play support to others looking to run it (JHS).

The kid is all heart. By slowing it all down, he only stands to process the game better and better exploit defenses. I’m looking for Xavier Johnson to keep taking the steps and making the decisions on and off the court that set himself and his teammates up for success. It will be nice to see if Jalen Hood Schifino can aid him in slowing it down. I believe Indiana has gotten guys that will free up Xavier to play a supporting role far more often than he was asked to do so last year. With this freedom Xavier will be able to let the game come to him and not see himself and his over extortion of effort as the only viable option.

“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things”. No one person is greater than the sum of their decisions. Isolate your game, isolate your decisions. Make each one great. Have a few extraordinary plays, you have an extraordinary drive. Have a few extraordinary drives, you have an extraordinary quarter. Have a few extraordinary quarters, you have an extraordinary game. Have a few extraordinary games, you have an extraordinary season. Xavier Johnson is an absolute stud this Hoosier fan will go to the mat for any day. Here’s hoping that he leads this Hoosier team as competently as I truly believe he can.

Thanks for reading these, the short ramblings of a Hoosier fanboy. I’ll be posting these every other day so feel free to hit up flyoverwire.com for more. Thanks for taking the time Hoosier fans.



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