Taulia and the Terps looking to beat down my Hoosiers (IU-Maryland pregame short thoughts)

Week 7 is upon us, and as an Indiana fan I find myself in a familiar place. Halfway through the season, staring ahead counting out wins and losses hoping that the math ultimately adds up to the Indiana Hoosiers having a bowl game appearance. The next stop on any path to a bowl game is a win here over the Maryland Terapins.

The terps are helmed by Taulia Tagovailoa. This kid, much like his brother, is an absolute highlight reel. He is slinging it at a completion rate over 70%. Taulia is a prototypical college quarterback. He’s elusive, can throw, and makes plays even when those on his team refuse to help him do so. He can take broken plays and make them touchdowns. Type of gamer he is. For that reason Indiana’s defense cannot afford to take a single play off.

Our defense will be key to any scenario in which the Hoosiers beat the Terps. While the Indiana defense has struggled as of late, allowing passing yards galore, Maryland’s offensive line has been less than respectable against blitz packages. If we are unable to get pressure from our defensive front we must put into place the blitz packages necessary to make Taulia uncomfortable. Both of these teams have a tendency to leave points on the table with unfinished drives. I’m looking for this to be a game of similar drives, just hoping to have the ball at the end.

While Tagovailoa doesn’t always take the deep shot, his midrange consistency is unparalleled. His ability to find his receivers 10 yards out and hit them on that cross or out is second to none in college football.

For our offense, time is king. Connor Bazelak has not looked like he has had a firm grasp on our offense, largely because he’s preoccupied running for his life. Don’t look for the offensive line to look like world beaters, but I am interested in seeing how they’ve responded to their first week with new leadership. Rod Carey will be making his debut as offensive line coach, replacing Darren Hiller. With Carey comes with quite the resume, having been head coach at both Northern Illinois and Temple. Not only that, he’s a Hoosier himself. I’m looking for the offensive line to begin trending in the right direction starting with this game. I mean really, there’s nowhere to go but up.

If given the time, look for Cam Camper to have a game. His elusiveness makes his RAC potential unreal. He’s one of the more slippery receivers the Hoosiers have got, and his stat line against Michigan was nothing like I know he’s capable of. Hopefully a new offensive line coach alone is enough for the Hoosiers to get just even a second longer for Bazelak. If given just a second more on average, Cam Camper will be able to create so much more distance for himself and the opposition. With the time to finish routes, he could be one of the most deadly receivers in the nation.

With the line as Maryland -11, you know I’d hammer the Hoosiers. That line is worst case scenario in my head personally, but I am also a biased Indiana fanboy. The over is at 61.5, have to say that sounds like the perfect over/under number. I would lean towards the under, with my personal prediction: Indiana 30 – Maryland 27.

The game is in The Rock. I’m looking for the Hoosier fans in attendance to keep the place loud. I have taken real pride in the manner at which our fanbase has been growing around football, the rock is becoming a really awesome place to see a Big Ten matchup and stuff like that is key to getting recruits and the talent necessary to compete with the piece of crap, good for nothing Buckeyes. Cheers to you Hoosier Faithful. Let’s keep it up this season, keep supporting our boys, and keep building this program into what we all believe it can be.

Keeping this pregame short and sweet. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to give this a read. Take it easy Hoosier nation.



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