Colts find the only way out is through. Get the good win over the Jags.


How do you address a struggling Matt Ryan? in a stroke of ignorant brilliance Frank Reich decided the only way out was through and took the governor off Matt Ryan, throwing all day. While most of the passes were checked down dump offs, the Indianapolis Colts seemed to have something that was missing all season so far, offense. While the Jags strategy was to run the damn ball against the Colts. The Colts began airing it out right out of the gate, and it worked for the best here.

I’d hate to get ahead of myself and say this was our GET RIGHT game. Our offensive line problems will continue to rear their head up every once and a while. But even with our injuries these Colts looked far more respectable than they have up until this point.

While still on the hot seat, this was a good showing for the duo.

It’s been a rough start to the season, but Matt Ryan showed us Sunday that he’s still got some game to give. Good to see him put it together and show a hint of the Matt Ryan of old. Sunday Matt Ryan went 42 for 58, setting the Colts record for completions in a game. Yes you read that right. Andrew Luck, nah. Peyton Manning, not a chance. Matt Ryan now holds the record for completions by a Colts quarterback in a game. Which considering the top tier caliber of quarterback play that the Colts have come to know historically, is pretty insane. Of course the other two guys we know and love may have been airing it deeper consistently, Matt Ryan still finds himself in very esteemed company.

While I was hesitant to call this a get right game, I don’t see how I can see it anyway else. The manner in which the Colts come out next will tell us that answer. It was a trial by fire in getting our offensive air game going. But the Colts stepped up to the challenge and Matt Ryan delivered an absolutely career day.

Pierce continued his development in this one big time. Our young receiving corps have begun to produce. Jelani, Granson, and Pierce all continue to develop into very reliable options for the veteran Ryan. Pierce’s game-winning 32 yard touchdown reception won this game with 17 seconds left. Compared to the drop passes we saw him having to open the season, Alec Pierce has turned his game up no doubt. With both Taylor and Hines out this week, we needed every man on offense to step up. Alec Pierce definitely answered the call today, good on the kid.

As for the line, the drastic shuffling we had done looked to pay off. Our highly touted, highly paid offensive unit decided to show up. The offensive line responded to our hurry up offense well and produced the most protection they have all season.

Beating Jacksonville in Indianapolis is what the Colts do. Good to know our boys are beginning to find themselves. The Indianapolis Colts absolutely needed this win to salvage this season. These in division games are often some of our easier matchups, but they are all must wins. Losses in Jacksonville always have a way of creeping up and haunting us come playoff time, this season may very well be the same. But we just beat a division rival, I am going to be celebrating that fact. These games mean more in my mind as well as in the record books. Good to see a lost Colts team get it together and begin finding their way again.

Now it’s time to get our revenge on the Titans.

For the Shoe!


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