A quote for our bruiser, Race. (pre-season quote pt. 4)

This is my 4th entry in elaborating on a possibly inspiring, definitely corny quote in regards to an Indiana players potential mindset or season narrative. I pick one and elaborate on how it could relate to a given player. For this the 4th entry in this series of posts, I have chosen a quote for Race Thompson heading into this season.

Entering this his COVID granted 6th year of eligibility, Race Thompson has done nothing but develop for the Indiana Hoosiers, building on each season year after year. Becoming an absolutely essential part of our team. Last season, largely being an absolute bruiser in the block. His undersize frame has always had Indiana Hoosiers hoping that a shot would develop. After this long I have to say there have been minor improvements but a 3 still isn’t there.

In this his final season for the Indiana Hoosiers I wanted to extend to Race a quote by President John F. Kennedy who said, “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth”. I believe that these words could speak volumes to Race and his mentality for this upcoming Hoosiers’ season. Because Race is the player he is, and the Hoosier Faithful love that player. Be yourself out there Race, you aren’t going to be dribbling to pull up and splash it in the opponents face, just play your own game. Because the things Race does do well, he does EXCEEDINGLY well. His defensive prowess is relentless and he’s able to cover the ground and rim like a guy 6 inches taller than him.

If the Indiana Hoosiers are to win a championship this year it will be on the back of dominant defense and getting the ball to the rim. Shooting will only help us, but those two are this Indiana team’s bread and butter. Just play the game that 5 years in one of the most well invested development programs has given you.

Race is the nail in the oppositions tire. His sheer presence on the court has the ability to fatigue the opposition. Because if Race is on you, you’re in for a long day with a large workload. Don’t conform to the mentality that so many players do. Because, Race is a wild card, in the best sense. Each game he does the scrappy plays, that aren’t awarded statistic representation. These aren’t the plays of a guy that is just letting the game come to him, this is a guy that’s going out and getting it. Don’t conform to the let the game happen mindset, because Race is a bigger asset when he is fighting tooth and nail for 50/50’s, diving and scrapping, and ultimately just being a wrench in the opposition gear. It’s in the freedom of Race’s game that he finds the ability to make so many momentous plays in the lesser celebrated facets of the game.

While for most players I would say just let the game come to you, in my unprofessional opinion, Race is our muscle. He’s the team enforcer. That’s the edge he brings to an Indiana Hoosier team. Don’t conform to be anything other than the player that all of us Indiana Hoosier fans have come to love over your tenure with the program. Embrace the freedom and tenacity you have already showed us you are capable of.

People can try squeezing square pegs into round holes all day, but if Race is to have his best season yet he needs to see that he’s amassed the skills he will in his time at Indiana. Now it is time to utilize each of them to their full potential, playing a truly unique, and truly brutal brand of basketball. His confidence as a ball handler has skyrocketed and I am chomping at the bit to see Race take the floor at the end of the month.

Don’t overthink it Race. Be yourself this season. An absolute workhorse each of our team members can rely on. “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth”, I chose this because I am truly excited as a fan to see the player that Race can be by the end of the season if he continues to grow his own brand of bruising, bullying basketball. Here’s to Race!

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