A quote for Jordan, our garbage man (pre-season inspirational quote pt. 5)

For my 5th entry into my possibly-inspirational-definitely-cheesy quote elaboration series I want to focus on the player this Indiana fan is particularly excited to see hit the floor come tip off, that being Jordan Geronimo. There may not be a single player I am more looking forward to seeing how their game has progressed in the offseason. Last season Jordan Geronimo averaged 4.4 points per game and 3.6 rebounds per game. What those stats don’t tell you is how athletically he gets those light numbers. Throughout the Big Ten tournament and when he was called upon in March he showed many of the Hoosier faithful that he may very well be the most athletic and vertically gifted Hoosier we have. This unprofessional, very biased fanboy fully expects a boost in his game and minutes this season.

Heading into this season I thought to use a quote from Phillips Brooks, American clergy man and the lyrical GENIUS that penned the Christmas hymn “O Little Town of Bethlehem” (ever heard of it?). He once said, “I do not pray for a lighter load, but for a stronger back”. I think the mentality behind this quotation could greatly sum up a healthy mindset for Jordan Geronimo this season.

I know Jordan “does not pray for a lighter load”. That will serve him well because I can’t believe I’m the only Hoosier fan who will be looking for him to munch far more minutes this year for the Hoosiers. Jordan Geronimo played garbage man towards the end of many of our Big Ten tournament games making sure that second chance points came in bunches with his ability to get to the offensive glass. Cleaning up the trash and turning it into second chance buckets. These flashes of potential were apparent throughout the season, but this is the year he will be tasked with more responsibility than prior seasons. For that reason, I at least pray “for a stronger back” for Geronimo.

Cleaning up the paint.

As much as I want to pray for that, it will be on Jordan to show just how strong his “back” may have gotten this offseason. I honestly hope to see Jordan come out as an entirely new monster, using those flashes we saw to fuel a truly special season for the young man. If Jordan Geronimo has taken the steps to progress his game, he will be a truly terrifying presence for Big Ten opposition.

If he has progressed his game, our defense only stands to be that much more dominant. More minutes will mean that Indiana will have quite possibly the most versatile defender on the team on the floor more. Jordan is able to defend each of the low post positions while also addressing smaller wings and larger guards. He can move laterally and can jump vertically, more minutes for him, means a stauncher defense for the Hoosiers (that’s a scary thought for the rest of the nation).

And if the kid can develop a shot!!!! Holy cow look out. While he won’t be asked to do a lion’s share of the low post work, with that being mostly manned by Race and Trayce, he will be asked to step up when we are playing against larger teams who utilize larger 3’s to get to the bucket. His ability to roll off screens and stay with the man, or ability to defend the switched player make him a truly unique and vital resource for Indiana.

I’m looking for Jordan Geronimo to build on his already impressive and IU-leading 11.8% offensive rebound rate. I’m hoping the young man has developed his shot a bit in the offseason. Any improvement in that category will only create space for him to soar through. Here’s hoping Jordan Geronimo’s back is able to carry the load it’s called to this year. I’m fully confident in him. Here’s to Jordan Geronimo!

I’m looking for massive gains from this last offseason.

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