A quote for our veteran shooter, Miller (Pre-season inspirational quote pt. 6)

For the 6th entry in my series of possibly-inspirational-definitely-cheesy quote elaborations I wanted to pick and evaluate a quote I thought could speak volumes to the game and expectations of Miller Kopp this year. For Miller I want to pick a quote from Mark Twain. Who said, “you can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus”.

Miller’s last season was good, but ultimately unremarkable. He was asked to make up for a lot of shooting that Archie had failed to address and unfortunately there were points last season where he just was not hitting a shot. I respect the kid and only want to see him succeed. I give him all the credit in the world for sticking around after some of the more brutal and unrealistic fans really gave him reason to ditch town. But Miller isn’t built that way. He’s not going to cut and run when it get’s tough (I saw that tweet Khristian… don’t hate us because it didn’t work). That’s why I do feel a little sour picking one of my more critical quote choices for him.

The reason I chose this quote though is the manner in which some of Miller’s shots were taken last year. When Indiana really hit their shooting drought last season, even Miller was taking lifeless attempts that those watching could tell were taken with no confidence in the end result. “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus”. Miller you’ve only been splashing shots all your life, its why you are here in the first place. Miller knows he can hit these shots. Now he needs to just have the confidence come game time to rise up and splash it in our Big Ten oppositions faces.

I think this quote speaks against being timid. That’s what I want more than anything out of Miller Kopp this season as an Indiana fan. I want to see his confidence bleed onto the court. Shooting confidence is a contagious virus, once we got our patient zero, the rest of the team can only respond in kind. Every championship team has THEIR SHOOTER. The guy they can count on to drain the shot to end a brutal opposing drive, or to put the nail in the coffin towards the end of a game. With our limited shooting presently, that responsibility falls to our senior most potential shooter. Whether he’s ready for it or not, Miller will be tasked to make some big time shots this year. These shots only end in success if Miller is taking each of those shots with confidence in success.

He’s had a long journey as a college player. I’m looking for his maturity to translate into an elevated sense of calm in his game. No need to force anything. As opposed to players like Race and Jordan who by force can impact the game, Millers game is much more beneficial when he lets it come to him. Get open, make the shots we all know he can make and he will be a huge option on the offensive side of the ball.

I never want to be hyper critical because all these boys need heading into this season is gas from our fan base. Just wanted to shed light on a quote I thought if reflected upon and truly understood could potentially show Miller the way to his most memorable season as well as one of Indiana’s most memorable seasons.

I am fully confident in Miller Kopp and what he will bring to the Indiana Hoosiers this season. Here’s to Miller!

Thank you for taking the time to give this short post a read. If you would like to check out any of the previous 5 quotes, I’ve linked them below.



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