A quote for our weapon in the wings, Tamar (preseason inspirational quote pt. 7)

Lucky number seven in our possibly-inspiring-definitely-cheesy quote elaboration series is reserved for the Hoosier that is potential personified, Tamar Bates. And with the recent breaking of his Yankee record I thought I may use a quotation from Roger Maris. When asked what the key to his power was during his record season Maris said, “You hit Home Runs not by chance, but by preparation”.

Now while that quotation quite literally speaks to baseball I think it could also speak volumes to the overarching narrative that Tamar’s season may have in store for all of us Hoosier fans.

There will come a point in this season where our starters aren’t getting the buckets where they need them, or when our rotation gets into foul trouble, a time when an unsung hero must truly step up. For this season, I truly believe Tamar could be a saving grace in a game or two where we look to him in a moment of desperation, only for him to deliver performances to keep the Hoosiers in games and winning games.

“You hit Home Runs not by chance, but by preparation”, ultimately amounts to success coming only when the opportunity to use the skills you’ve worked on and honed presents itself. Be prepared to seize the moment. That preparation doesn’t come in the minutes of that game, it’s preparation built on the back of grueling offseason and a devotion to wanting to better your game and in turn the team. Ever since Mike Woodson convinced Tamar to stay here sit a bit longer and be a part of the coolest and most hyped Indiana team in years. Say what you will, but being “cool” very much matters in the NIL era.

Tamar Bates has not been relied on heavily in previous seasons, mostly because our roster or the pressure on the program didn’t demand it. With the lofty expectations of this season will come so much more slack to be picked up by each man down the line. I fully expect moments to present themselves to Tamar this season that he could seize and take full advantage of securing more and more minutes before cementing a spot in next season’s starting 5.

I believe that this is Tamar’s season to show out. He may very well have moments we look back on and remember as key moments in a momentous season. I can’t wait to see the strides the young man has made in his game. I’m sure I can’t be the only one.

Those of you reading this are probably big enough Indiana fans to know that checking Tamar’s box score is no indication to the type of player he could be. He still has a lot of growth to make, but his frame and the core of his god given talent are enough to have any Hoosier fan very excited to see what this season has in store for him. His potential is as high as any on our squad.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read these mad ramblings of an Indiana Hoosier fanboy. If you are interested in any of the previous entries in this series you can find them above in the Indiana Hoosiers tab. Have a great day Hoosier Nation!



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