Indiana looking to salvage the season against the Scarlet Knights, I’m beginning to go crazy… (IU-Rutgers pregame thoughts)

In what continues to be a heartbreaking season of almosts and just shorts. Indiana Football has left so much to be desired. It’s getting painful to watch week in week out, but God dang it if I’m not going to keep doing it. I love for this agony, such is the life of an Indiana football fan. I keep telling myself that the lowest of lows are going to make those highs immaculate. But man I’m really tired of waiting for these highs to come. If it were easy everyone would be an Indiana fan, so if you are reading this I hope you may be right with me hopelessly optimistic about our bout with the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

I have to think that we can go out and beat a struggling, yet favorite, Rutgers team in New Jersey. I really want to believe that Rutgers will not be putting out as efficient an offense as Maryland had on the field Saturday. While Rutgers has had some decent yardage through the air the product really doesn’t reflect those numbers often times. While our defense was struggling to slow down Maryland, in my personal, biased, and unprofessional opinion the players on the Indiana defense will be able to disrupt a less than fine tuned offense. If that is the case I believe Indiana will come out with the win in this one.

After getting our butts handed to us by Rutgers last year, I’m sure there are plenty of Indiana football players looking to wash the still lingering taste from their mouth. I want to see a hungry Hoosier team looking to right every wrong that Indiana made in this game last season.

That means I’m wanting turnovers for the Hoosiers! We have some defensive playmakers who given the opportunity can change possession and the momentum of the game. If we can win the turnover battle in this one, then he Rutgers offense shouldn’t be able to overcompensate for that.

Our air game looked surprisingly decent against the Terps, who ultimately just outlasted the Hoosiers. If we can carry over a similar performance we should be able to exploit openings in a Rutgers defense that has been decent against the run but porous against an opposing air assault.

If Matthews can get his legs under him a bit more, expect big things.

If our offensive line can continue to give Bazelak enough time for Cam Camper and company to get separation, I don’t see how Indiana’s quick receivers don’t torch the struggling Rutgers secondary. If this gets turned into a shootout I think Indiana has the advantage over the Rutgers offense. If DJ Matthews has gotten even a bit healthier this week pressure will be lightened from Cam and this Indiana offense could potentially really air it out against the Rutgers secondary.

All that being said I’ve been wrong sooo many times before.

We have to look at the remaining schedule of Indiana and think to yourself if we lose to Rutgers, do we get another win at all? I don’t see how we’d end this season any different than the last, other than beating Idaho, if we don’t go out tomorrow and beat the Scarlet Knights. I’m as slow to jump to conclusions and call for a coaches head as the most loyal fanboy, but a loss in New Jersey could potentially extinguish the hope for any happy ending or moral victories to end the season.

This is an absolute must win for the Indiana camp. You’d have to have your head in the ground to not know that the people calling for Allen’s job are increasing. I personally am not there yet. Yes, I may be hopelessly loyal. But I figure, Indiana has always been in the gutter. We got a rare flash of success in that COVID season that is so rare in Bloomington. If we can bring a semblance of that back and build on it, LEO doesn’t have to be a painfully corny reminder of the hope we had as a fanbase. I’m not giving up on that yet… the Purdue fans chanting LEO after we give up on Allen would absolutely kill me.

Somehow I always knew “Love Each Other” was going to bite me in the butt though.

Let’s Beat the Scarlet Knights!



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