Irsay’s breathing down Frank’s neck in this one. (Colts v. Titans Week 7 short pregame thoughts)

Well I’m sure Colts fans are feeling a little better heading into our grudge match with the Titans. Matt Ryan was firing and firing and firing last weekend, and I really hope we see the success continue. Our aging veteran still has the capability to deliver

I cant imagine Kwity will be in the game tomorrow. With Shaquille Leonard questionable this week we will need a lot of guys to step up and make some game changing, possibly possession changing plays. Defensively though I still believe the Colts should be able to get adequate pressure. With Rodney Thomas stepping up to fill out the secondary far more than he was expected to, I still believe the Colts to be one of the more intimidating defenses in the NFL.

Deforest Buckner was bruised up against the Titans last game. The run dominant Titans will be highlighting him in their game plan. Buckner will need a big game and absolutely has to cause some havoc in the backfield and on the line of scrimmage if the Colts look to slow down Tennessee.

Jelani Woods and Alec Pierce have filled out the list of rookies stepping up and producing more than a rookie should be asked to. They’ve been stellar as two of Matt Ryan’s most reliable options.

The offense’s uptempo game last week appeared to fix, or at least hide a lot of the offensive line issues that plagued us this season. I’m looking for Frank Reich and company to emphasize that uptempo game again against the Titans.

I think the Jaguars honestly have a stronger defense than the Titans. With Jonathon Taylor back and the air attack having to figure it out through their trial by fire last week, I’m excited to see what happens the offense can do if the run game can get going. Can we contain Autry this time around? I certainly hope so. Because I can’t imagine Jonathon Taylor’s been anything other than frustrated with the colts offensive game. I’m sure now that a shred of confidence has been found following the Jags win, I really am hoping for a big time game from JT28 in this one.

With Derrick Henry heading up the Titan’s offense, this game will be touted for the highly talented running backs both teams have. If we can continue the up paced game from last week, I am fully confident in Jonathon Taylor’s stamina and ability to fall right in line and contribute large numbers in this one. I want to see the Colts go out there run down hill, throw it quickly, and have the defense on their heels out from the jump. Jonathon Taylor’s addition to last week’s game plan of short quick passes only means more yards for Matt Ryan and massive YAC numbers for Taylor.


Frank Reich definitely is feeling the pressure in this one. In March Jim Irsay was quoted saying “They kick our a** and they have been kicking our a**”. No way he isn’t feeling just as livid following the Titans win over the Colts earlier this season. We can’t keep splitting these divisional series. The Indianapolis Colts are going to bring kicking themselves come the later part of the season that we weren’t able to get these victories. This one over the Texans Sunday can not be taken for granted, it can’t slip away like all the last.

The Titans absolutely have the Colts number. I am really hoping that the Colts can pull this one out. While I feel like I should be more confident in the Colts chances of success on Sunday, I just have been hurt by the Titans before and I need the Colts to put more offensive reliability on tape.

Thank you for reading these very biased and unprofessional thoughts. Have yourself a great day Colts fans.

Beat the Titans!



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