We have to beat UNLV Right?… RIGHT?!?!?! (Notre Dame v. UNLV pregame thoughts)

While I figured the Irish would have went out and handled their business against the Cardinal. Oh boy was I wrong. This weeks game is an absolute must win, nay a must destroy. UNLV has dropped their last two games to San Jose and Air Force by a combined 82-14 points. Our talent absolutely dwarfs theirs (as I thought it has most of our games). This UNLV team was 2-10 last year. This UNLV program is such a joke, an L here is out of the question.

I need this to be an absolute shellacking. That will take a strong showing from the line. UNLV is 127th in line yards allowed. That is without adjusting for strength of schedule. That means that they should be drowning out of their depth. Our superior side and superior talent needs to quit overthinking itself and making itself apparent. There is absolutely no reason that Tommy Rees can’t draw up a plan to block and outmuscle the opponent. Why overthink it at every opportunity? When we need a first down let’s try catching the ball passed the first down line. Instead of throwing a screen and hoping he breaks a tackle for 5. Wild idea right?

Everything about Notre Dame’s play has felt overthought and our teams inability to execute has been on full display. While this Notre Dame defense has seemed middling at best, the often sputtering offense isn’t doing it any favors. This Notre Dame defense aren’t world beaters by any measure, but they are more than respectable. This is still the same team that held Ohio State to 21 points (no other team has gotten close to that). Notre Dames defense has consistently found itself with poor field position and poor rest between series due to decisions made on the other side of the ball. The biggest aid to the Irish defense heading into our matchup with UNLV is absolutely a stronger game plan from the offense.

Heading into UNLV I’m just hoping that game plan involves trying to find our go to receiver when Michael Mayer is triple covered. No reason getting a bit of a buffer against UNLV shouldn’t allow our coaching staff to exercise the receivers a bit and find our guy this weekend.

On that. Get Tobias Merriweather on the field. It’s getting ridiculous. If I’m Tommy Rees I’m losing my mind on Freeman. Telling him to give me that kid, before he costs me a job. Get him on the field. Him not getting snaps is an injustice that just simply can not stand.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are heavy favorites here at 24.5 pts. Vegas predicts 37-13 Notre Dame. Our ability to cover that spread has been abysmal this season. With that in mind, this spread looks bananas for THIS YEARS Notre Dame team to cover. While I don’t expect the UNLV team to keep it close I think Notre Dame by 17 tracks a little closer in my mind.

With that being said, this team has given me zero reason to feel sure fire confidence here. My Blue and Gold tinted glasses don’t allow me to tell myself anything other than Notre Dame by a ton here, but this season… that’s been too dangerous.

Nonetheless, I’ll be in attendance screaming my face off. Hope to see the crowd rowdy, but it’s been a lot of the most affluent (and least excited) fans. Hasn’t been the most intimidating environment lately. Grand as all heck. But lately it seems far more grand than it is intimidating for the opposition visiting Notre Dame. If you’re with me Saturday. Bring the ruckus.

Thank you for taking the time to read this humble and biased fans thoughts heading into UNLV.

Down with the Rebels!

Play like an absolute champ,

-Big Red

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