A quote for our transition specialist, Trey Galloway (preseason inspirational quotes pt. 8)

Number 8 in the possibly-inspiring-definitely-cheesy quote series is going to be focusing on Trey Galloway. Trey played a major role for us last year, and this season he will be asked to do even more. In his 3rd season with the Hoosiers, Trey will be leaned on as a scoring option off the bench, and a tough defender on the wing and in the backcourt.

Rightfully so too. Trey’s ability to leap down the court in transition while also keeping vision open for passing and attack angles may be unmatched on the Indiana side. He allows the defense to unfold before him and the second he sees an inch to be exploited, he’s taking it. His ability to get to the rim is on par with any on our team as far as our guards go.

There was one glaring aspect of his offensive attack that could absolutely use some work, and I’m sure he put work into, which is his shooting. It seemed as though as much as we needed someone to step up and shoot for the Hoosiers, if Trey missed his first few he gave up taking them. For this reason I have chose a quote by female tennis legend Billie Jean King. King once said, Champions keep playing until they get it right.”

I think this mind set would serve Trey well heading into the upcoming season. Our team can’t afford to have the few guys we look to to take a shot, passing them up. I’m fully confident Trey will improve his shooting. No I’m not expecting Steph Curry to show up in the candy stripes but if he just trusts his training and the work I’m sure he’s put in following his injuries.

Trey has all the tools to be an explosive offensive threat within the Big Ten. I have to believe that he can bring that 3 pt percentage up from 21.4%. We need him to become a viable shooting option and that will take confidence in himself. That will take him “playing until (he) get(s) it right”. It will take effort and reps to improve his shooting but I’m sure Trey is up to the task.

Defense is not a problem with many of the Indiana Hoosiers and in regards to Trey, he’s been a defensive hound. The best that Trey has to offer on defense isn’t witnessed when you are watching him defend the ball handler. Trey’s defense is at its best when off ball. He absolutely harrasses defending guards, not only adding to their fatigue, but never letting them create space as well. His efforts bleed throughout the defense and just add to any and all frustration out opponent may be having.

While multiple injuries have delayed much of the progress we would have like to see from Trey, there is still so much for him to contribute to this year’s efforts at serious hardware. Treys ability to get to the rim will always be appreciated. Now the rest of his game needs to fall in line. With this being his 3rd year bump and seeming like his injury rehab has him feeling alright, I’m expecting a lot from Trey this year!

I am keeping this one short and sweet for the readers this morning. There’s Indiana football to be watched. Scarlet Knights are going down! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read these short thoughts I share as a hobby. Thank you Hoosier Nation.



If you’re interested in reading the rest of these quote series. Just hit the Indiana Hoosiers tab above and you can find them all right there. Thank you!

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