Colts lose to the Titans and Matt Ryan may be aging like every QB ever not named Tom Brady. (Colts titans short postgame thoughts)

The Colts came out and got manhandled by a superiorly coached, a superiorly, and a superiorly communicating today.

This team is so poorly managed. The Tennessee Titans absolutely out played us in a brutal nature in that game. The Tennessee Titans look to be fighting tooth and nail each and every play for each and every yard. That is all Vrabel. He gets the Titans, who often times outplay their own talent, to show up ready to fight and claw each and every week. It’s everything you wish your football team had. No matter the level of talent the Titans of the Vrabel era seem to compete each week. That tenacity comes from the top down. The sad thing is… the Colts lack this almost entirely this season.

I love Hines as much as the next guy, but Frank Reich’s inability to get Jonathon Taylor involved in the offensive game plan is absolutely astounding. He’s running a quick tempo offense, while only having the tight ends targeted a handful of times against the Tennessee Titans.

Frank doesn’t seem to have the answers.

I love this team almost unwaveringly, but I have to finally admit to myself, Matt Ryan may not be it. That first half was an abysmal performance by our veteran QB. Within the first half, largely due to the Titans’ run game, Matt Ryan only got 5 possessions I believe. 2 of these 5 possessions ended in an interception. As much as I would love to think Brady and Rodgers are just the new normal, Ryan very well may be aging like every other NFL quarterback to ever play the game. Which is understandable. Unfortunately, if this keeps up, I don’t see how we can not test the waters at the QB position, and I don’t mean get on this carousel we have become accustomed to. I mean put in the back ups and let’s begin finding the new young franchise. While we on paper have all the talent, the sample size that is this season just tells me this team couldn’t dream of stringing together enough reliable performances to make a playoff run. What are we doing if not looking for the team that can do that?

While I am always a champion for the bright side of any given situation regarding my favorite teams, I can no longer blindly support Frank Reich and hope that “good vibes” are going to figure this out, because to date it has not. I don’t see how Frank Reich can remain head coach for the Colts for much longer if this team is operating at anything other than peak performance. Irsay has showed he can be loyal to a fault in the past. While he is an owner that would give a coach more chances than most, his comments in the off season regarding the Titans express real dissatisfaction with our standing in the AFC South. And that was all before we went 1-3-1 in the division this season. I write this almost half expecting Frank Reich to be fired by the time it is posted.

While our offense is absolutely abysmal, our defense played very well today. They gave the offense every opportunity to win this game. That is all you can ask of your defense. While most of this game was nausea inducing to the Colts faithful, Grover Stewart had a great game with 12 tackles. Gus Bradley has the defense where we would expect the talent on the field to be. All of the shade directed to the offense after this game.

They showed up. We didn’t.

I don’t have much to really say about the Titans. They showed up and beat us down from beginning to end. No way around it. They are the top team in the AFC South at the point, and have been throughout the Reich era. Here’s hoping the Indianapolis Colts can figure it out. Attitude and tenacity flows through a franchise from the top down. This Colts teams’ identity is entirely lost. You do the math there.

I’m always going to be “rah rah”-ing my tail off each Sunday for the Colts, no matter the squad we have taking the field that day. This is just a tougher time in our pretty blessed history. I have to think this run of less than acceptable performances are just going to be a footnote in the overall story of the 2022-2023 Indianapolis Colts. I will blindly, ignorantly, and entirely void of evidence tell myself this team can figure it out. They just have to.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m just a fan sharing the thought I have on the team I love. So all of the above thoughts are that of a very unprofessional writer so please forgive any spelling/grammar errors. Hope the rest of all your weeks go better than these 4 quarters.

For the Shoe,


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