A quote for our newest big, Malik Reneau (preseason inspirational quote pt. 9)

For my 9th entry into the possibly-inspiring-definitely-cheesy quotation elaborations, I wanted to take a moment to discuss a player that many are excited to see following a national championship run for Monteverde (yeah guys we got two of ‘em), that being freshman Malik Reneau.

Part of our pair coming in from Montverde

Malik’s game has been touted by Brandon Jenkins of 247Sports says of Malik’s game at Monteverde,

Reneau is a southpaw four man with a solid build, great hands, and an equally impressive feel for the game. He is a team-oriented player who compliments those around him with his activity on the glass, inside scoring, and passing from the high to low posts. He is a decent vertical athlete who can make the occasional wow play but for the most part Reneau is all business and fundementals on the hardwood. With his great basketball IQ and ability to do whatever is needed for his team, Reneau tracks well as a high major all-purpose asset.

-Brandon Jenkins, 247Sports

Not many may have watched Montverde from time to time last year, but the all business nature of Malik’s game could easily fit into what Mike Woodson is doing in Indiana. The 6-7 forward looks to get to the rim, box out, and exploit his fundamental mastery to put those around him in positions to perform and succeed. While he isn’t going to be soaring through the air each play for a guaranteed top 10 play dunk. He is going to be tasked with a lot for a freshman this year, as I believe he should be getting real minutes. Especially if our front court gets into foul trouble. Malik Reneau will be called upon to munch minutes while defending some of the biggest guys in the big ten (making them some of the biggest in the nation).

So for Malik I have chosen a quote from Henry Ford who said, “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success”. Heading into this season Malik needs to be ready. Ready to work, ready to sit a bit, and ready to perform when called upon.

While Malik Reneau has been able to dominate the paint in high school (against top national talent each game), time spent at Big Ten Basketball programs can often times translate into massive gains for an individual (look no further than Race). He will be playing against some players who may play a rougher brand of basketball than he’s been accustomed to. Malik needs to find himself ready for battle down low in the big ten. Half the reason the Big Ten can hardly make a tourney run is we beat the ever living crap out of each other game to game, only to limp into march as a conference. The game may actually be slower than Malik saw in some of his most highly touted matchups at Montverde, with him having to guard players all heading to top tier programs, but it is definitely going to be tougher. I believe Malik will be ready for this because Woodson has already instilled an identity of defensive strength and tenacity in his short time at Indiana.

Preparation started this summer.

Malik also needs to be ready not to be associated as part of the team’s main nucleus right out of the gate. I’m sure by the end of the season and a few leaps in development Malik could very well be a staple to our team’s identity in March. That being said, to start the season he won’t have as much pressure because I don’t believe he will be starting. Malik will need to adjust to a role playing position at first, but with Mike Woodson’s ability to get these guys to buy in, I don’t see this being an issue at all.

Lastly Malik needs to be ready to contribute. Undoubtedly in the Big Ten, there will be games where your bigs can get time severely limited by foul trouble. This will be Malik’s time to shine this season. The games in which the Indiana bench player comes out only to be crowned an absolute hero following an unexpected performance are some of my favorites. It happens each season. Look for Malik to have a few big games by being ready for the moment that Woodson calls on him to munch minutes for Race and Trayce.

I’m so happy that Jalen and Mike Woodson were able to get Malik to Indiana. He is a welcomed addition to an already impressive side. I can’t wait to see what kind of Hoosier this guy becomes!



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