Indiana Football loses at Rutgers and it’s almost time for basketball! (IU-Rutgers very short post game thoughts)

Well, it’s not every day you see Indiana take the lead with 8 seconds off the clock. What a start and injection of life that was for the Indiana Hoosiers! Things were really rolling for the Hoosier Faithful… until they weren’t.

In what marks another low point in Indiana University Football history, the Hoosiers absolutely embarrassed themselves losing 24-17. Rutgers hadn’t beat a big ten opponent at home in almost 5 years.

This is a bbbbbaaaaddddd loss. After having so much hope in what Tom Allen was building in Indiana. The negative voices seem to get louder and louder. I’m not calling for the man’s job yet. But this has just been bad. I understand that it may just be the talent. I can’t see Indiana firing Tom Allen this season, with a hefty buyout. So I’m happy that he will be given time to fix this. But unfortunately, if he doesn’t fix it soon, how confident can Indiana fans be with the possibility of having IU offer him an extension?

This was a tough loss to come to terms with.

Our offensive line has allowed far too much pressure for this offense to do anything. Connor Bazelak unfortunately is swarmed each and every play, and honestly I give him credit for playing tough. His toughness is apparent by the sheer willingness to line up behind the front 5 Indiana is putting out this season. The fans calling for Bazelak to get benched must not understand that THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS. No QB will fix a broken line.

I’m going to be keeping this one short because this Indiana football game was an absolute factory of sadness for me. Following that promising start this game then proceeded to absolutely gut me. While you would love to see your team show utter dominance and their ability to bend the opposition to their will, Indiana football fans would be happy with mere progress.

I am happy that this basketball season has more hype around it than the program’s seen in a while. The anticipation of what Mike Woodson’s putting together are making these losses a little less devastating for me.



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