Notre Dame wins by a deceiving 23 pts. Offense still searching for any sort of rhythm. (ND-UNLV post game short thoughts)

Final: ND 44 – UNLV 21

Notre Dame did it. Thank the Heavenly Father they won this football game. While seeing the Notre Dame Fighting Irish win one is always a welcome sight, this victory left much to be desired.

Tommy Rees really looked to make an effort to get his receivers more involved in this one. Which is great. The throws just left a lot to be desired. It was an all around typical performance for the Notre Dame offense this season. Just flat. With all the talent Notre Dame has, we continue to run a pro style offense with an absolutely flat rhythm. The score doesn’t illustrate how painfully mediocre this offense was in this one.

How can a team with such a monster have such a lifeless offense?

That being said, Michael Mayer’s 2nd quarter catch was ridiculous. What a grab. Absolutely bonkers reception from an absolutely monstrous talent. The fact that Notre Dame couldn’t finish the drive following a play of that caliber of excitement is so deflating. Big efforts need rewarded. Big momentum plays leading to nothing tend to have a way of repeating themselves. Have to cut those out before they start.

While anyone will take every win where they can get them. The further removed from Saturday’s final whistle we get, I keep thinking more and more about how that wasn’t a really great win. That UNLV team is not good. While it is nice to see the Irish get the win, just sad to think this squad was held to 14 by both Air Force and San Jose over 8 quarters. Put 21 on the Irish in 4. That is just a sobering realization I personally had.

It’s so frustrating to see a team on paper look as talented as ours producing at such a terribly inadequate level. While I am confident given time Marcus Freeman will be able to figure it out and be able to navigate the treacherous waters that a Notre Dame head coach must be able to take on. Sure there may be growing pains, but team identity comes from the top down. If the coach doesn’t even seem confident in himself, how is a team supposed to fall in line, confident in a unified game plan when Marcus Freeman’s consistently looking as dejected as he does heading into the pressers. Even in victory he’s puppy dogging it. Looks like a deer in the headlights. The press rooms full of a bunch of nerds (more professional than this one) critiquing you because they were never gifted enough to do what you do. They know it. Why don’t you? Act like an alpha dog because you are one man!! I don’t get it! Notre Dame needs a smash mouth identity and that starts with the head coach. I got faith in you Marcus. Just have some in yourself man.

I would rather see rage than nothing. No emotion leads to flat play. Like this win. Whatever that score might look like, those watching the game knew that that was a flat, flat, fffflllllaaaaaatttttt win.

With Syracuse and Clemson next, I just don’t see how we plan to contend if this team comes out as flat as they have. I know this team’s got the talent to get these wins. Here’s hoping they can come out intense against these superior opponents, because anything else will be unsatisfactory if we want any chance of winning.

That being said, I don’t like to dwell in the negative all too much so I’m going to just appreciate the Notre Dame win. A tally in the win column is always welcome. I am confident that Marcus Freeman will be able to figure it out once he can take a second, breathe and get a little self reflective. He needs to discover what coach he is going to be, because that often defines a program.

Time for a long look in the mirror.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m just a fan of the Notre Dame Irish sending in my unprofessional and biased thoughts in a sick form of self therapy. Have a great day.

Play like an absolute champ,

-Big Red

One thought on “Notre Dame wins by a deceiving 23 pts. Offense still searching for any sort of rhythm. (ND-UNLV post game short thoughts)

  1. It is his first season as the head guy. Lou Holtz didn’t have such a great first year, either. Let’s not forget, his team only lost by 11 points to that behemoth from Columbus, Ohio, IN HIS FIRST GAME! OUT THERE!! Now go out and beat Clemson and the mighty Trojans!!

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