A quote for our commander, Mike Woodson (Preseason inspirational quote pt. 10 Final)

In this the tenth and final entry into my possibly-inspirational-definitely-cheesy quote elaboration series, I have to pick one for none other than our brave leader, the man who has dragged Indiana into the national spotlight by appropriately selling Indiana’s traditions to the new generation of athletes in the NIL era. That man being Mike Woodson.

Mike Woodson has amazed me with the success he’s been able to find out of the gate for the Indiana Hoosiers. All you can want from a coach here in Indiana is trending towards contending for national championships. And that is precisely what Mike was able to do last year. With the Hoosiers now a heavy Big Ten favorite, Mike Woodson has placed the Big Ten target directly on the back of the Hoosiers. If you ask me, that is exactly where is belongs.

This year Mike Woodson will have more pressure than most second year coaches would be ok with. Mike Woodson currently seems to be relishing it. He’s ready to lead the Indiana Hoosiers on a tear this year. The attitude and identity of your program starts at the top. For that reason I wanted to pick a quote for our great leader that may reflect the outlook necessary to navigate the ups and downs that are Big Ten Basketball with all the pressure Indiana has found on itself now at the beginning of the season.

American country singer, actor, and sausage magnate Jimmy Dean once said, “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” What wise words from honestly a fascinating American figure. While I would love to imagine that Indiana can go wire to wire this season with unfettered, unchallenged victories each and every game. Adversity will come. Luckily, Mike Woodson will be able to lead these young men through it all.

Mike Woodson will get the Hoosiers to their destination!

So many programs complain that their team lacks identity and direction. That all starts at the head coach. He is going to set the tone that bleeds into every aspect of a program. Mike Woodson has come back to Bloomington in order to bring back an identity that he’d already become so familiar with. Not only is he bringing it back, he’s bringing it into the 21st century, and with the help of the Indiana Social media team (those dogs get after it just as competitively on the cyber webs as our boys do on the hardwood, which helps in recruiting) he is equipped to package Indiana’s old school dominance and traditions to the next generation of great Indiana Hoosier athletes. Everything is going well in Bloomington as far as identity goes right now.

That being said, we haven’t played a second of basketball yet. So will Mike Woodson be able to keep this identity of toughness, this identity of smash mouth basketball, instilled in this team? It’s all about changing the sails to the direction of the wind. Mike will be able to operate with enough tools on the bench to adjust to whatever game plan an opponent can throw at the Hoosiers? The trials and the challenges are going to come. How will the Hoosiers respond? When we get in foul trouble, will Mike Woodson have the lesser minute munchers prepared to make up for minutes taken from the regular rotation? Will we have plays to get to the rim when we hit some of those almost-never-ending droughts we had in the second half of the Big Ten regular season? (you know the ones) It will be up to Mike Woodson to have the answers to negate all of these problems.

I fully believe him capable of the task at hand. Mike Woodson has only impressed me during his time at Indiana. He wants to bring this program back to national prominence and he wants it as bad as any of us fans do. While many coaches say they love their programs, with Mike, you know it. He loves this program because of everything he’s gotten out of it. Now he’s looking to give back to that program, the only way he knows how. That being trying to lead it back to the national title.

I can’t appreciate the work he’s done enough. I just hope he can keep this trend rising towards national title runs and new banners in Assembly Hall. I’ve never felt this confident in an Indiana coach, even at the time of Crean. The familiarity with the coach and program to this degree isn’t necessary, but by God if it isn’t awesome. At this point in time Mike Woodson has given no one supporting the Indiana program and no one within the program any reason not to trust his decisions. That type of trust is able to direct this ship where it needs to on the fly. That is the type of trust championship caliber programs have in their GUYs.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” I believe that can greatly sum up the struggle of any head coach. Mike Woodson is the man we’ve appointed to lead us to our destination. I know he’s the man for this job.

Smooth sailing with Mike at the helm.

Thank you for taking the time and reading these, the mad ramblings of an Indiana Hoosier fanboy. If you would like you can follow us on twitter @FLYOVERWIRE. Have a great day Hoosier fans!



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