Fine! BTN+ you got me! (Indiana Hoosiers v. Marian University pregame short thoughts)

Well you did it Big Ten Network… you finally got me. You dogs. How do you get the $55 out of me? You put the Indiana University’s opening exhibition against Marian University behind the BTN+ pay wall. I’ve never been so excited to see the Hoosiers take the court and there is no way I will not be watching to see what players appear to have made what developments to their games.

Heading into this game, the Indiana Hoosiers fanbase is feeling unbridled optimism (well I am at least) and have high hopes for the season. It all finally starts tomorrow with our exhibition against Marion University. Now we scheduled them as an exhibition for a reason. This is a dress rehearsal I get it. But nonetheless I want to see a program that is going to step on your neck from the first tip and not let up until the final buzzer.

I can not wait to get the first real impression of this year’s Indiana Hoosiers. With the additions of Jalen Hood-Schifino and Malik Reneau, this team could look vastly different by the addition of talent we have made, but on top of that another year offseason of true veterans of the team building our program’s chemistry should be seen as well. All word out of the Indiana camp (and NBA scouts) is Jalen will be a transcendent talent for the Hoosiers who will be gone by next season. Word out of Indiana camp is that Malik may be the best off the bench big in the country to start next season. I’m just excited to see how these two mesh into the Indiana program and excited to see what they can do in the Cream and Crimson.

Our projected starting five looks like: Xavier, Jalen, Miller, Trayce, and Race. I’m excited to see what the addition of a true second ball handler will do for the Hoosiers. While each man in our starting 5 can theoretically bring up the ball. With X and Jalen, we have a backcourt consisting of two of the most talented ball handlers in college. I am hoping this added option only allows X to let the game come to him and not have to consistently feel pressure to drive the floor and take on the other team solo so often.

I can’t imagine Marian having many options to guard our front court duo (and the Reneau option coming off the bench). I’m expecting monstrous board numbers. If Jordan Geronimo gets to munch some minutes in this one I want to see him continue his offensive board dominance he ended last season with. Indiana’s promoting an identity of smash mouth defense and tough, bruising play. This starts on the boards. I fully expect TJD to rack up 20pts and 15 rebounds if he gets anything north of 25 minutes in this one.

There isn’t much to say heading into this one. It should get ugly quick. If it doesn’t, that’s a problem. I fully expect the Indiana Hoosiers to come out and take it to Marian. We’ve spent all offseason reaching a boiling point of excitement and finally basketball season is upon us. Enjoy it Hoosier fans. The possibilities are currently endless. Here’s to the first step in our next campaign for Banner number 6.

Thank you for taking the time to read these short thoughts of a hopelessly optimistic Indiana fanboy. I can’t wait to see what Mike Woodson’s second year has in store for the Hoosier Faithful. Buckle up. We (hopefully) have a long and exciting road ahead.



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