Sam “El Slinger” now carries the hope of Colts Nation on his shoulders. (Colts v. Commanders short pregame thoughts)

The Colts find themselves in a tailspin with all of the hope for this season now falling onto the shoulders of Sam Ehlinger. The 2nd year player is getting his first start for the Indianapolis Colts and his first NFL start of his career. While it is sad the manner in which Matt was benched and the let down that the season has been up until this point, but I am very excited for this one!

Sam Ehlinger has nothing to lose out there this week. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. He has everything to gain! Just ask Nyheim Hines (via Zak Keefer)…

The boys are looking to give the QB they’ve known longest (which is kind of sad) a chance to show out and secure a bag in this one. A dominant or even reliable performance from Sam Ehlinger buys him opportunities down the line or helps secure the starting role here moving forward. While Matt Ryan was a veteran of the game he simply couldn’t move and keep it going reliably in the backfield.

Sam Ehlinger will have “His Shot” this coming Sunday. I’m talking about those once in a lifetime shots, the one where preparation meets opportunity. Sam “El Slinger” (Tractorcito isn’t Hispanic either) Ehlinger has an opportunity to forever change his life on Sunday. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new age in Indianapolis. Perhaps it isn’t. I’m excited to find out one way or the other.

El Slinger.

Some fanbases observing the Colts could see the benching of Ryan as the Colts officially committing to a tank. Fans familiar with the team know that this isn’t the case. Sam’s getting the shot because what we were doing wasn’t working and this team has too much talent not to be competing. Something needed changed and something drastic at that.

In this game, I’m looking for Sam’s legs to give the Indianapolis Colts receivers enough time to get the separation necessary to keep stable drives and finish them. Every fraction of a second is of the utmost value behind this Colts’ offensive line this year. The Washington defensive line will be a tough test for sure and I’m sure that if Matt Ryan was to start it may be the making for a terribly long day for Colts fans. I’m excited to see a young gun looking to make plays for a change. If Sam can extend the plays look for more options to open themselves up to the offense.

Matt has taken the benching in stride. He was quoted defending Sam and stating that he has accepted his role to support Sam now. While I’m not happy to see how it has worked out for Matt Ryan in Indianapolis, that is a class act right there. Sam has said working with Matt has been an “education I can’t pay for”. So while it may be awkward in the QB room, it at least is respectable.

Heading into the Commanders matchup, I really have no preconceived thoughts or notions… sorry. As a fan, I’m just excited to see what happens. A new QB is always exciting and with the hope I have for Sam Ehlinger, I’m beyond hopeful for what he can do to breathe life into this floundering season. While that may be a lot of pressure, Sunday Sam is officially 1 of 32. For with that comes the pressure of an entire fanbase. I’m pulling for the young man to answer the call and take full advantage of the shot at hand.

Keeping the thoughts heading into this one short. Just looking to send any good vibes to Sam via the inter webs with this one. Defense do your thing and we’ll be in this game. Sam do your thing and we can win it. Here’s to the Colts. And here’s to our new offensive leader and QB, Sam “El Slinger” Ehlinger.

Thank you for taking the time to read thes thoughts of a hobbyist writer and unapologetic Colts fan.

For the Shoe!


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