Notre Dame beats 2nd ranked opponent and I’m going to enjoy this one. (short postgame thoughts)


There you have it Notre Dame fans, in what continues to be one of the more inconsistently bizarre seasons in recent Irish history, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish were able to take down their second ranked opponent of the season.

As has been the case with the Notre Dame offense, the ground game was our staple in this one. Audric Estime came out and had an absolutely monstrous game, eliminating the clumsy fumbles that had plagued many of his carries this season. With 123 yards on 20 carries (6.2 yards per carry) Audric was munching yards against the Syracuse defense. Diggs ranked second in the Notre Dame run game with 85 yards on the same amount of carries.


The run game had such a nice day, most largely in part due to the dominant play of the Notre Dame offensive line. From start to finish our lineman looked to make a point to body the orange and open up 4 lane highways for the Irish running backs. This is the type of play we new these individuals were capable of, I am just at a lost at how they truly did not equal the sum of their parts this season. Good to see the big nasty’s get their groove back.

Drew Pyne had an abysmal 116 yards on 9/19 passing. That being said, in crunch time (WHEN WINNING IS DONE), Drew was able to sit in the pocket and deliver some big time throws. Even that pass interference in the 4th quarter. If Syracuse hadn’t dragged down Jayden Thomas that was a dime delivered for seven. The play immediately prior Drew Pyne threw the ever rare 10 yard out and delivered a true ball (that was nearly dropped). It was a sight for sore eyes seeing the Irish get wide with the offense a bit. So while I am going to say this offensive air game was sad for the most part, when it absolutely mattered, the boys delivered.

Defense was the key to this game for Notre Dame. Both Joseph and Liufau came up with big time INTs. With Liufau’s interception giving the Irish possession with the chance to put it away. Just a great game by the Notre Dame defense, allowing some passing yards (225) but taking advantages of glaring opportunities to win the turnover battle. Proud of how these boys continued to bend but not break.

While he had a few catches but was largely ineffective due to lack of arm on the Irish side, leave it to Michael Mayer to put the nail in the coffin with that onside kick recovery. No way our biggest and baddest was going to allow the Orange to get the ball back there.

Thank you for taking the time to read these musings of a biased and optimistic Notre Dame fanboy. This is a great win Irish fans. Enjoy it! In a season that has been largely disappointing, and entirely inconsistent, it’s good to see the Fighting Irish go out and handle business visiting a ranked opponent. Not a whole lot to say on this now, just wanted to share a few short postgame thoughts. Time to go celebrate with the rest of my family! Have a great night Fighting Irish Faithful!

Play like an absolute champ,

-Big Red

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