Sam Ehlinger looks respectable in debut, but Colts continue to disappoint in loss v. The Washington Commanders

The Taylor Heinicke and Sam Ehlinger showdown was a game of struggling offenses for the most part. While the Indianapolis Colts were bringing out their new quarterback, finally looking to figure out what they have got with Sam Ehlinger, they were desperately looking to get the offense going into this one.

Sam’s legs gave the Colts’ receivers more time than they had been getting in most (other than that Jags game). While there isn’t much great to say about the Colts offensively in this one, Sam Ehlinger is giving this offense the time that it will need to operate moving forward. While he did leave much to be desired, it was promising to see him escape some pressure that I know would have swallowed Matt and was able to extend plays for the Colts.

With another week with Sam as QB1 I would expect to see him have an offense a bit more calibrated to his skills when we roll into the Patriots game. Bill Belichick may definitely be able to expose each of Sam’s shortcomings, I am going to tread the road of blissful ignorance and say I expect him to have a better week next week against the Patriots.

However you feel about it, the decision was made. Sam Ehlinger is our guy going forward. While the Colts need to explore all options at quarterback, at this point I’m alright with “El Slinger” holding down the spot until we find it (here’s hoping he just becomes the franchise, but that is a whole lot to ask if the 2nd year 6th rounder.

While most could argue that the offense was still stagnant. I think with Sam Ehlinger it took a step forward. Having his first start finally under his belt will go a long way in giving him comfort moving forward. And with the Indianapolis offensive line as it is now, any comfort our quarterback can find is more than necessary. While it was by no means a good offensive performance by the Colts, I would say it was respectable for a new QBs first outing.

Stephon Gilmore has been an absolute ace for us this year. That’s why it was so disheartening to watch McLaurin straight up rip that ball out of his hands to get the Commanders on the goal line with under a minute left. Terry McLaurin is an absolute monster. That play showed off his strength and good lord did he look strong in it. Tumbling to the ground but straight up stealing Gilmore’s lunch in that one. While a pick would have been incredible. They cannot be given the chance to make that play. That ball needs battered down if it’s anything other than a defender on an island going for the pick.

The real Scary Terry.

Can’t hate on the Indianapolis Colts defense too hard in this one. If you hold the opposition to 17 points in today’s NFL you should win that football game. No way around that. Our defense has been delivering performances that most dependable offenses would be absolutely taking advantage of and winning more of these games than they’d lose. That being said, when the defense absolutely couldn’t break today, they did. Frank Reich just has the team looking lifeless, it’s so cliché to say, but they just look like they want it less.

Despite the dropped passes that have plagued this team, our receiving core makes me very excited for how great this squad could be in a year or two. This young team will need an arm to throw to them. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 5 times with a carousel of quarterbacks, what am I still doing here?

So while we would love for this game to have gotten the season on track, it remained as inconsistent as the rest of the season. This Colts team appears to have not shown up this season. This roster was touted for its depth and the talent on it, yet they’ve delivered on that talent maybe once this season. It’s just a sad state that the franchise finds itself in right now.

All this to say, I’m still riding with the Colts until the wheels fall off. If this ends up turning into a tank job I’ll follow them to the depths as well. I have to think with the talent on the roster they are one good game from figuring it all out. But, I’ve been thinking that all season. So what do I know?

Thank you for reading these short thoughts from a frustrated Colts fanboy. Give us a follow on Twitter Flyover Wire. Have faith Colts fans, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

For the Shoe!


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