Colts fire their offensive coordinator and trade Nyheim (Trade deadline day thoughts)

Yesterday it was announced the Colts have parted ways with offensive coordinator Marcus Brady.

Marcus Brady was a member of the Colts organization since joining as assistant quarterbacks coach in 2018 and working his way up into the offensive coordinator role. He took over following the departure of the now hottest coach in the league, Nick Sirianni.

While a head was necessary to appease the fans at this point, there’s no telling if this addresses the problem whatsoever at this point. Brady’s role on the Colts was limited to game-planning and play design throughout his tenure as Colts O.C. Frank Reich has been calling plays for the offense this season. Meaning following this firing our offense play calling has not changed hands at all. So while a firing was due in Indianapolis, it seems Frank Reich has found the ultimate fall guy in this one.

Ultimately, what does this dismissal mean for the rest of the season? Who really knows? In my personal and unprofessional opinion, this will result in minimal change come Sunday. Frank was brought in as an offensive head coach. When he decided to take play calling responsibilities, he took liability for those decisions. While getting rid of Brady frees up an opening for candidates to fill, it will be the same play caller the Colts had all season calling the game Sunday.

Then came the final buzzer on the trade deadline, and after a season of rudderless play, inconsistency on offense, and underplaying our talent, the Colts ended the night right where they began it.

Heading into the trade deadline, the Indianapolis Colts are in the most awkward position at the deadline that they have been in in years. Sitting at 3-4-1 I would say any other franchise may want to look to sell but our GM and our head coach our performing for their livelihoods right now so I have to imagine their efforts are going towards righting this season at all costs. I was waiting to see if Chris Ballard was going to shock Colts Nation and actually take part in the trade deadline for once.

While the day went on many of us waited to hear of the rumors would ring true that Nyheim Hines could be dealt by the deadline.

Then word came down that he had been dealt to Buffalo for a conditional 6th round pick, that can turn into a 5th….

I’ve waited far too long for Ballard to do anything at a trade deadline. And after never being satisfied and incentivized to deal, he makes a move and trades away Hines for a 6th.

I’ve never been more disappointed. What a letdown for Ballard debut deadline deal. While Deon Jackson has made Hines more and more expendable on the roster, I will still miss Nyheim Hines. The energy he played was often just the injection the Colts offense had to get going in years prior. I wish him all the best in Buffalo. Hines was a true fixture in this franchise to those who follow it. I’m sure he may even have a resurgence in Buffalo, with Josh Allen’s abilities and their necessity for a pass catching RB.

After that deadline I’m left wondering… where do the Colts sit. By holding on to several assets I figure that the Colts front office much very much feel like it’s now or never and still intend to turn this season around. Unfortunately, my unwavering optimism is starting to wain. I’m by no means saying I know what the answers to the problems in Indianapolis are, but I’m not so sure Ballard does either, and instead of trying to do something to turn this season around, he just deals Hines for a 6th.

What do you hope a 6th rounder actually becomes? I’m pretty sure a player of Nyheim’s talents is pretty much the hopeful ceiling for any 6th rounder, it just doesn’t make sense to me… but then again it doesn’t have to. It just has to work. So here’s hoping Ballard and Reich were right in just battening down the hatches with this current roster and seeing if they can’t get this season back on track. Only time will tell.

Thank you for all you did for this team Nyheim you will find nothing but love from this Colts fan, and thank you all for taking the time to read these short thoughts from a Colts fanboy.

For the Shoe!


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