104 POINTS!!!! I know it’s St. Francis, but WE ARE GOOD!!!! (Indiana Hoosiers vs. St. Francis Super Short Immediate Post Game Thoughts)

Wanting to get this out quick. Got work tomorrow, trying to hit the hay. I apologize for any of the following errors in grammar or spelling:

Let’s GO HOOSIERS! God it feels good to have your team you think should win go out and just take it to an opponent.

Yes ladies and gentleman… he played today.

Trayce was back and on full display against the outmatched St. Francis Cougar squad. Trayce looked great and fully prepared to head into the official opener against Morehead State.

So while the Hoosiers started off slowly tied 11-11 with St. Francis University with 5 minutes off the clock, they quickly rectified that with a 16-3 pt run. They then never ceased to take their foot off the gas.

It was great seeing Miller Kopp knock down his first shot of the night for 3 points. We expected him to be our reliable jump shot option when he had transferred in from Northwestern, and after last season’s less than phenomenal perimeter shooting I am sure Miller’s ready to come out and contribute to a squad in just the manner he is asked to. Good shot Miller, keep it up, we need to keep finding the sure shooters for this season. Another option for that 3 point threat became available when Jalen started draining them from range.

Speaking of which, Hoosier youth was once again on full display. Jalen Hood-Schifino ended the first half with 10 points, and never let up. Ending with 15 points, shooting 3 for 3 from beyond the arc. Malik was just as impressive on his way to 15 points, showing off the handles of a power 5 shooting guard. It’s absolutely bananas the injection of talent the Hoosiers have gotten this season. The best part is I have a feeling neither of these guys has yet to show their full hand. I can’t wait.

I’m still looking for CJ Gunn to get more minutes as the season goes, if he can prove he belongs defensively, his release may be the smoothest on the Hoosier squad. I love it. I want to see more of it.

Good to see the Hoosiers have some fun in this one and hint at what potential highlight plays may be in store for Hoosier fans this year… I could get used to Jalen Hood-Schifino lobs to Trayce.

Race’s game looks like the ultimate example of “slow and steady wins the race”. His game is so smooth and he has the basketball IQ to put himself in position to make plays while making them look effortless. While it looks a bit slower in the game, he doesn’t need it to be quicker. His ability to be in the right place at the right time is a key asset to his game.

Jordan Geronimo was able to exhibit some of his superior athletic gifts in this one, with the bulk of his points being converted on slam dunks. Jordan and Tamar each ended with 10 pts.

10 pts each, not bad boys.

Jordan looked like a men amongst boys at times. If he can limit the turnovers and handle the ball a bit better this season he will be an absolute pest on the defensive side and an absolute highlight reel on the offensive.

All in all the story of the game was one of Indiana execution. Following a slow start to this one the Hoosiers then proceeded to absolutely outgun the Cougars in each and every facet of the game.

While the Saint Francis Cougars were dismantled here. Props to those young men for putting it out there for 40 minutes. I thought very highly of their coach following his words at halftime just grateful for the opportunity to play in a Big Ten environment. That was quite the arena for a lot of these guys to play in. Not every kid who laces them up gets to play in Assembly Hall one day.

Heading into this game I was relieved to have bought my BTN+ subscription prior to the Marian exhibition. Just meant that the decision was out of my hands before this one, already had it. Sorry again to anyone who was denied access to this game. Those of you with the principles to not bend and pay yet another streaming service, I commend you. I can not wait for the rest of you to get to see this team. Because, this team is ggggoooooooooooooooooooooooodddddd. (Yes I know it was St. Francis)

I’ll be posting something Saturday elaborating on this game a bit more. Just wanted to get my immediate thoughts out and share those with those that may not have been able to watch. Have a great night Hoosier fans! What a team!!!!!

MVP: Childress.



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