It may be time to start gearing up for next season Hoosiers. (IU-Penn State short pregame thoughts)

How we doing Hoosier fans? That was a long bye week where we got to sit and marinate in that Rutgers loss. We got a whole 2 weeks to sit and reflect on the current state of the Indiana Hoosiers football program. I have to say, I am beginning to think we may not be faring so well (understatement I know).

I am usually optimistic to a fault, but this program is downright sad. The lone bright spot of the season has been Dasan McCullough’s campaign towards being a freshman All-American

While some people think Tom Allen could be fired. I just don’t know who’s putting up the capital to make that happen. While we have boosters at Indiana, whose coming up with 20 million to improve the Indiana Football team?

I give Tom Allen all the credit in the world. He’s been able to recruit some great talent. With the facilities currently being invested in, Indiana still sits leaps and bounds behind most Power 5 football facilities. He has been able to sell recruits on building something that has yet to come to fruition. Unfortunately, it seems like the talent he has gotten he has remained unable to develop adequately. I hope that he can turn this around and we can make things work here in Indiana. Because once again, I cannot stress enough how insufferable opposing fans will be with the #LEO mentality if Tom Allen is canned.

His buyout has bought him until at least December 2023, I’m hoping he can right the ship.

Our 5 game losing streak has only made the win against the now impressive looking Illinois Fighting Illini look that much more perplexing. Where did the Indiana team that showed up that night go? The Indiana Hoosiers haven’t made any progress as a unit and have only showed signs of regression as we are crawling towards the seasons end. So heading into the Penn State game, I just want to see the Hoosiers focus on development.

Let’s have the Hoosiers get deep with the snap distributions on this one. I want to see Indiana look to give the team of next year more and more time and experience. I’m not saying bench players or yank veterans, who rightfully should be playing, but this team is losing and we need to be able to salvage something to take into next season. While I fully believe this Indiana team capable of pulling off the upset at home…

I don’t think the Hoosiers have the same motivation, excitement, or emotion that that COVID season had. This team has looked flat and it will take nothing short of a miracle to breathe life into a team that has been deflated so often.

The offensive line and Bazelak just have not been good enough. Our offense has lacked any framework for a rhythm and the execution just doesn’t seem to be on par with the talent I personally believe is there. Whether it is a personnel issue or a coaching issue, Indiana’s offense has been utterly broken. I can’t see Penn State’s defense, who only lost to Ohio State and Michigan, having much of a problem pressuring Bazelak. I just hope that he is able to manage the game well in this one. It will take Indiana winning the turnover battle for the Hoosiers to have any chance of winning this one, and while that may be a chief concern of the Indiana defense, it starts with Connor being able to keep the Hoosier turnovers at a zero.

I love the Indiana Hoosier Football team. I love these players for representing my alma mater with pride. That being said, it’s been a beaten down bummer of a season, if Indiana is going to throw in the towel, we need to start trying to gear up for next season. With Cam Camper out with an ACL tear, there is just that much more reason to let the youth get some time under their belts.

While I am always hoping for the best, this week I’m prepared for the worst. Here’s hoping the long week of rest has allowed the Hoosier offense to get things together and they can execute at a higher level than we’ve seen this season.

Down with Penn State!



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