I hate the Pats. Here’s hoping another week with Sam gets the Colts going. (Colts-Patriots short pregame thoughts)

Heading into this game, I honestly feel none of the anxiety that I usually feel as a fan during Patriot week.

Sam Ehlinger has showed the Colts fans already that he will be looking to take some shots down field. A facet of the game that Matt Ryan was unable to do. In my opinion, mostly due to his limitations to keep plays alive and give his receivers time to finish routes properly. Whatever setbacks Sam Ehlinger may have at quarterback, the fact of the matter is that Ehlinger buys the offense more time. Sitting behind the offensive line as it currently is, the Colts QB needs to be able to do that.

Chapter two in the story of “El Slinger”

In my personal and unprofessional opinion, the Indianapolis Colts’ young receivers are still developing incredibly well, despite our QB situations. While there still were plenty of dropped passes, the more inexperienced are really starting to get their footing and they are beginning to make some plays. While I wasn’t sold on the Alec Pierce pick initially. He has been one of the lone PLEASANT surprises I have had watching this season.

The Patriots defense has been run all over this season. This may be the largest weakness in their game. One game after dealing Nyheim Hines to the Buffalo, I’m hoping to see Jonathon Taylor get the legs going. Our fanbase will be looking for him to have a big game to alleviate the pain that is Hines departure a bit. I understand that Deon Jackson has made it so Hines wasn’t as much of a staple as he was in seasons prior, but I’m still heartbroken it was only for a 6th round pick.

Via Colts Twitter account

Kwity Paye got back to practice this week but I don’t think he will be ready to go in the Patriots game. Meaning that Indianapolis will once again need the interior line to step up and put the pressure on Mac Jones. Mac Jones has struggled under pressure. I understand that the Jets defensive front is something to write home about, but they really did expose Mac Jones’ ability to perform under pressure. If we can get to Jones, the Colts can win this game (no duh).

Defense definitely hasn’t been the issue on the season. They consistently keep the opposition to scores that most NFL teams would get a win over. But, I’m looking for our secondary to be absolutely tenacious in this one. Gilmore is going to be chomping at the bit to make up for his man handling by Terry McLaurin towards the end of last week. If we can get a few key turnovers that will go along way in cementing a Colts victory. A victory against the Patriots that would be much appreciated by a beaten down fanbase on the year.

Here’s hoping that Indianapolis can show up with any emotion in this one. The offense just looks defeated from the start most of these games. The Colts have some real talent that this coaching staff is just getting nothing out of. Ballard has assembled a great roster by all measures, Reich just has not been able to instill a swagger or attitude to this year’s team. An team with no identity has nothing to build chemistry around. Which ultimately leads to just all around flat play and flatter results.

All in all, I just want to see a game worth watching. Each year removed from the Manning and Brady shootouts, these games mean less and less to the Patriots fans (while I must still sit here and marinate in all of my envy of their success). I just want to get back on their radar! It’s been a tttttooooouuuugggghhhhh season of ttttooooouuuuggggghhhhhh games to watch. I don’t think I’m asking for a lot when I ask for this team to be respectable in this one! I’m not expecting the Colts to beat Bill Belichick and the Patriots, but you know I’ll be rooting for it.

I hate this guy.


For the Shoe!


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