Brendan Sorsby and Dexter Williams II make their unexpected debuts as the Hoosiers fall to the Nittany Lions (IU-Penn State really short post game thoughts)

Walt Bell and the Indiana offense looked to shake things up a bit with the decision to start Jack Tuttle. It looked to quickly pay off in the form of the second Hoosier drive in this one. With Jack Tuttle delivering the TD to AJ Barner. Tying it up 7-7. Within this drive Jack Tuttle exhibited a swagger and tenacious attitude that the Indiana offense had been lacking all season.

I had tons of optimism. That was until Indiana wasn’t able to take advantage of the Interception from Clifford. After running backwards out the back of the red zone the Hoosiers had to settle for a punt. Indiana can’t win games when they don’t capitalize on opportunities like that, especially against sides with more talent than the Hoosiers.

Following that promising touchdown the Hoosiers’ offense looked flat until the half. Momentumless drive after momentum less drive. Jack Tuttle went down and then freshman QB Brendan Sorsby came in only to be absolutely mugged by the Penn State defensive front. The Indiana offensive line is an absolute mess. It truly must be pretty terrifying to line up behind them against some of the defenses that the Big Ten gauntlet has in store for teams. Sorsby got no time for his short drive under center. So the most glaring issue on the Indiana Hoosiers continued to rear its ugly head!

Following Brendan Sorsby’s 1st career interception he was pulled and QB Dexter Williams II made HIS debut.

3 QBs never really leads to offensive stability…

Drew Allar went in to this one and proceeded to pick the Indiana defense apart. That guy is a stud and will be a problem in the Big Ten moving foreword. In that second half the Indiana defense looked unable to tackle any of the Penn State playmakers. Broken tackles were a plenty. Penn State showed up to bully the Hoosiers in the second half and proceeded to do just that.

Penn State looked to even up the turnover battle. Taking full advantage of the turnovers in a manner in which the Hoosiers couldn’t with Drew Allar’s second TD pass or the day.

In what continues to be a season of disappointment, Penn State fully exhibited why they are currently ranked #15 in the country and the Hoosiers exhibited why they are on a 6 game losing streak.

Dexter Williams showed something out there today. While he wasn’t entirely dialed in, I really think a week with him taking QB1 snaps, he may be able to offer the Indiana offense something it’s been lacking all year. His legs may be able to scrap together so drives here to end the season. Here’s hoping.

I’m really hoping this turns around before we pull into the finish line of this season absolutely dead. This has been a disappointing season, I just wish that we can salvage anything from this last month of games and have anything to show for a season that started with a huge unexpected win over Illinois.

Thanks for taking the time to read these really short thoughts of one very frustrated fan. Try and have yourself a great night Hoosier fans.



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