Notre Dame manhandles #4 Clemson 35-14 (really short thoughts)

Final: Notre Dame 35 – Clemson 14

Well Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans, Notre Dame continued its campaign to expose the ACC and did so with a HUUUGGGGEEE WIN AT HOME!!!

Heading into this game I actually had far more confidence in the Irish because of their performance against Syracuse. What I was hopeful of a positive outcome, I had no idea… I had no idea the Notre Dame Fighting Irish team that would show up today we’re going to show up full of an almost unwarranted level of attitude and swagger. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THIS ONE!

The Irish looked absolutely dominant in this one from start to finish, holding Clemson to a goose egg through 3 quarters. Isaiah Foskey and the Notre Dame front were getting consistent pressure and never giving the Clemson offense the time to develop a drive. Absolutely dominant.

The Notre Dame defense was incredibly relentless. Never giving Dabo and the Tiger offense the time to get anything going in this one! Benjamin Morrison may have had the most memorable day an Irish defensive back has had in some time. His two picks were truly great plays, but his pick six was a thing of beauty.

The Notre Dame offensive line was giving Drew Pyne all day to throw the ball. For some reason it just seems like he has zero faith in himself so is never looking to get the ball out. That seemed to be the case until a roll out scramble touchdown seemed to give Drew Pyne a much needed injection of swagger.

Following that TD Drew Pyne’s game seem to come alive and he began making a few plays that he would have otherwise failed to earlier in the season. The offense was playing with a confidence that was lacking all season long. Great called game by Tommy Rees. That felt weird typing. But genuinely, a great performance by the Notre Dame offense in managing the game and outmuscling Clemson in each facet of the game.

Audric Estime has only become more and more reliable for the Irish. To begin the season he was plagued with clumsy fumbles. He has drastically improved his carrying ability and put a on a clinic in running downhill against a highly talented Clemson defense.

Props to the fans in attendance tonight! That was a crowd of old. It looked like a madhouse in that stadium. Thanks for bringing the noise Irish faithful!

Marcus Freeman and company looked more than competent in this one. What a night to be a Notre Dame fan. We just toppled a team that was in position to make a claim for the National Championship in the CFP. Dabo Swinney looked outclassed in this one. Easily Marcus’ best win, toppling Clemson is a nice feather in any coaches cap. Well done Marcus. Good to see a weight lifted off his shoulders here tonight.

Thanks for taking the time to read these few thoughts of one Fighting Irish fanboy. Just a great all around win that I firmly intend on celebrating the rest of my night. Have a great night Irish fans!

Go Irish. Beat Navy!

Play like an absolute champ,

-Big Red

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